Beijing: The party flag fluttering "epidemic"

  Huairou District for the party flag floating the battle when the Temporary party committee stunned the "epidemic" force in the face of this sudden epidemic situation, Fengtai District gave full play to the fighting fortress role of the party organization and party members’ pioneering team, in the newly sent surrounding area The service work is scheduled to establish a temporary party committee, in the first time, insert the party flag in the first line of "epidemic". The Provisional Party Committee was served as secretary of the Provisional Party Committee by the deputy director of the regional party committee, and 12 closed communist party branches were set up by the Bao Community, and 12 parties of the Party branch and the organizational department of the district committee were a deputy secretary of the party branch.

  At 3 o’clock in the morning, Guo Lijuan, deputy secretary of Tianlun Jincheng Community, Huayu Tiang, still answers the 12345 complaints of residents, since the residential area closed, her daily working hours were more than 12 hours, which is to communicate with residents. , Calibrate the emotions of residents to help them better adapt to closed management life.

  Zhang Jianguo, Beijing Red Yehui New Holding Group Co., Ltd., is a attendant party member in the second district of Yilan Garden. From the first day of the closed area, it will take the initiative to participate in the express delivery service. Every day, it is basically 7 o’clock in the morning, at night. I went home at eight o’clock. He also launched other residents to join the volunteer team, conducting "biography belts" for new volunteers, patiently and meticulous explanation of each policy. At the entrance of the community in the Yin Garden A, the party members and cadres "hand hand" relay to carry love milk, seven closed areas of Huayiang, the residents received the condolences to the village committee, although they beloved township, But they also received the care and warmth of the party organization. Seeing that the party members are nowhere, they feel that the party organization is everywhere, a volunteer in the B area of ??the silver land is written in the WeChat group. "The epidemic is over, I want to apply to the party, I think I do something It is very meaningful. If you enter the party, you can dedicate your community, do some power. "The epidemic is the order, the flag is highlighted.

The Temporary Party Committee launched the "party flag flutter" activities, plugged the party flag in front of each community. It is critical to organize organizations. There are party members in key positions, and use the actual action to resolutely win this battle. The straight-faced virus is not afraid of the party members’ origin mission to the end of January to May this year, in order to address the new crown epidemic, Wang Peng, Vice President, Dragon Bay Town Health Center, Shunyi District, was brought to the Shunyi District Disease Control Center to engage in new crown virus nucleic acid detection.

Recently, with the development of the epidemic, the number of laboratory work is getting bigger and bigger, Wang Peng does not hesitate to return to the test position of the past, and become a "recent" person from the virus.

  "The microbiological examination department is more than a child. I am a child. I am a male comrade, still young, please give me the most hard shift." Wang Peng did not hesitate to join the most tired, the most popular night shift test .

  Extracting nucleic acids, which is the most dangerous link during the test. The sample will be directly exposed to the inspection personnel. In this link, the danger to face is everywhere, and it will be infected with care. Every time wearing protective clothing is a few hours in the experiment, don’t eat, don’t drink, you can’t go to the toilet.

Due to the long time wearing protective clothing, a round of experiments, Wang Peng is often sweating, the hair is wet like just taking a shower, the face is goggles and mask pulls all the indentation.

  Every time you have a high concentration of 5-6 hours in the night, this is also a serious test of physical strength. Wang Peng was insulting for more than three months and night, and the experimental results were not wrong, providing scientific and precise data support for epidemic disposal.

"This is the mission of a party member, nothing.

"He said.

  In the first line of the "epidemic", there is such a group of "people who run with the virus".

Zhang Fanglizi is a staff member of the epidemic and local disease control department of Chaoyang District CDC. It is also a young 90-year-old party member. In his work, she took the initiative to run with beliefs and passion and virus. Since June 11, Beijing has appeared in relation to the newly affiliated epidemic, like Zhang Fangli and many medical workers, fighting in the "epidemic". Zhang Fanglizi, born in 1991, is responsible for new crown virus sampling and regularity of new crown virus sampling and confidentiaries and advice. After a short break, the day bright her work has begun.

Since the epidemic occurs, she has a average of less than 5 hours a day.

For the longest, wear protective clothing for seven eight hours. Go to the market, supermarkets are environmental sampling, conduct detailed traffic on patients and close contacts, summarize the data, contact the residential parties. This is the normal state of Zhang Fangli since the epidemic.

Because things are too afraid to have a flash, she records the notes in the Notepad with a stupid approach.

  From June 11th to 26th, the Chaoyang Disease Control Center Infectious Disease Dispatching Group has dispatched more than 150 times, carrying out the epidemiological survey, sample collection, nucleic acid detection samples, received nearly 26,000 pieces. Ensure that accurate information is provided in the first time.

Many 90s, including Zhang Fanglu, have become the main force, and they are working overtime, day and night and viruses. Golden Flower, the young party member wars "epidemic" first-line painting youth.