Then he also echoed:“This is our fault,It’s ok,Even if I didn’t find it out,I will also make up with your dad now,The thing of this is my impulse from the beginning to the end, the most wrong thing is me,

Don’t blame your dad for being ignorant,It’s all my fault,You two must be good,Don’t quarrel about family affairs,Xiao Fan, you are so busy,
Don’t check this trivial matter,Waste manpower。”Xiao Fan just smiled and said:“Parents, you can think clearly,it’s the best,Yoona is just worried about you,I said that just now,Don’t take it to heart,
Yoona has always loved you。”Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng nodded,Lin Yuan’er’s eyes are already red,Seeing Xiao Fan not speaking,Turned upstairs。
Lin Yoona took a shower and lay down to rest,But Xiao Fan went to the study,Xiao Fan thinks things today are too weird,Maybe it wasn’t for Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng。
But for the whole Lin family。How can the years be quiet,Every day there are people walking with weight,For example, now Xiao Fan thought he could have fun with friends calmly,But I didn’t expect this happened again。
Xiao Fan is not complaining,It’s just that Liu Chunlan’s trouble is obviously a bit strange,Such a big person,Why are you making trouble so unreasonably??Even Lin Feng sent ambiguous text messages to others,But Lin Feng has clearly explained a lot,Liu Chunlan is still so grumpy。
Liu Chunlan usually has a good temper,very gentle,Be gentle with others,And it’s empathetic,Lin Yuner’s temperament is to follow Liu Chunlan,But this time it was obviously instigated。Who on earth is doing nothing?,To instigate other people’s housework。
But after thinking,He still thinks that this matter has to be checked from this text message。He called Yiming,Sent this phone number。One answered the phone and said:“Hey,What is the boss?”
Xiao Fan said:“Now let you go find someone for me,Check who the owner of this phone number is?Name and name,Find out what the family background has to do with the Lin family?”Yiming said:“Good boss,I will check now。”
Xiao Fan hung up,Standing in front of the window。He remembered that there was another family surnamed Zhao next to Lin’s villa。The owner of this family is not bad,It’s just that his nanny always loves to chew in front of others,This babysitter and Ma Li often chat。
But Ma Li thinks this person is too casual and always speaks ill of others in front of others。I don’t often look for her,But this babysitter from the Zhao family seems to love to pick people around the corner。
For example, Lin Yuna and Xiao Fan have a good relationship,He will talk behind his back that Xiao Fan likes other people’s money。Xiao Fan just smiled at it,He doesn’t get too entangled with such inexperienced people。
He remembers the few days he just came back,I seem to see the Zhao family’s nanny chatting with Liu Chunlan in the garden outside。Maybe the babysitter instigated this incident again。