“Sujia!I can’t touch him online,Then do it from the line!Give me focus,Kill the Su family!Without Su’s support,Lu Menglin is a lame horse with a broken leg,It won’t last a few days!”After Ming Shizun thought about it,,Said viciously。

Lu Menglin has been expelled from the Iron Lion army anyway,Lost military protection,So Ming Shizun also acted more unscrupulously。
“Su’s family is also a southerner,How to move them
What degree?”Beside Ming Shizun,A young woman frowned and asked。
“Swallowed it directly!”Ming Shizun’s fierce face revealed。
“Now the Su family is strong outside,Mobilize large amounts of funds overseas,Has caused dissatisfaction from above,Find a reason first,Arrested the head of the Su family,Hit their capital chain again,As long as the capital chain is broken,We took the opportunity to embezzle their assets,I believe it won’t take long,The Su family is in my pocket。”
After listening to Ming Shizun’s explanation,The young woman nodded,A hint of compassion appeared on Qiao’s face。
Qingfeng can’t read,Why flip the book!Su Family,Continue for a hundred years,It’s a pity to stand on the wrong team,Offend someone they can’t afford to offend,Hundred years of history,Can only stop here。
“Not just the Su family,The Menglin Group also regularly transfers large amounts of funds overseas,There must be some tricks in the money!We just have to grab this clue and stalker,They are over sooner or later。”Ming Shizun laughed。
“Then what about?”The young woman smiled。
Ming Shizun’s face sank,As if thinking of something terrible,Sullen face:“Someone so proud of that kid,I don’t believe he can stand this tone。I just want him to come to me,Deal with me!Then kill him!”
“Only deal with the Su family,I’m afraid I won’t irritate him。After all, the Su family’s refuge in him is still short,Don’t have deep feelings with him。”The young woman smiled softly。
“Oh?It’s also!It’s a pity that Hong Kong Island is his sphere of influence,I can’t help,I can only rely on the relationship to suppress his game movie,Harmless!”Ming Shizun hates the Tao。
The young lady smiled:“To make men angry,One is to cut his money,The second is to insult his family。You have cut his money,Might as well start from his parents and women。”