Sommeron personally helped out because of Ah Jianglong,That’s why it can be successful,But this kind of low-level soul transformation,The sequelae are very big,So Sommeron met Lu Menglin again,Still easily blown,This is the reason。

The soul-changing body that A Jianglong left behind,There will be no such problem,Because that body involves a big secret,And only A Jianglong knows。
This secret,It is also where Ah Jianglong dares to fight the secret medicine group with his own strength.。
His goal was not to be a Venerable Secret Medicine,I never thought that Lu Menglin could get him into such a miserable situation。
Deep in the Valley of Fright,Two figures chasing and fleeing,The distance between the two sides is getting closer。
Ahead is an eagle beak,The huge rock protrudes like an eagle beak,Hovering in the air,The terrain is extremely steep。
A Jianglong saw the Eagle’s Mouth Rock,Can’t help but feel relieved,He has already begun to calculate in his heart,Wait until the soul transfer is successful,After regaining the battle body,How do you get rid of that nasty kid,I can vent my hatred。
Took a breath,A Jianglong strode under the Eagle’s Mouth Rock,About to open the secret land with palm prints,But was surprised to find,My right arm is gone。
The blow just now,Tore up his shoulders and his right arm。
A Jianglong suddenly became a little confused,All the time,He used the palm prints of his right hand to open the secret land,This is the core area of the entire Jingshen Valley,It is also his unique cave mansion of A Jianglong,Even his disciple,Including Sommeron,No one knows it exists here。
“hand,My arm!”A Jianglong let out a roar of gritted teeth。
I didn’t wait for him to figure out another way to unlock the secret medicine,I feel a strong wind behind me。