The car drove to the parking lot at the foot of the mountain,The security guard on duty came over,He may be just,So ask questions,And not let them go up the mountain。

Li Yue suddenly lost his temper without suppressing the fire:“I said, why are you so mad,I have told you very clearly,He is the boss of our group”
“You said the boss is the boss!How to prove?Is it because of this car,This doesn’t seem to be a famous car,And him,I haven’t seen”
This security guard is big and thick,Talking buzzing,Life and death is not accommodating。
Bai Li is not calm anymore,He was busy calling the new manager Yue Xiaopeng here。When Yue Xiaopeng heard this,,He hurriedly called the security guard。This guy panicked when he heard that,But this one is pretty serious。
“Mr. Xia!I am the security guard here on duty,Because I didn’t know you just now,That’s why this happened just now,I have to forgive Mr. Xia”
Niu Shengsheng said,Also came to stand at attention,Then gave Xia Jian a salute。
Xia Jian glanced at this person,Asked with a smile:“What education level are you?Is it a veteran??”
“Report to President Xia,I graduated from high school,Retired for one year”
Niu Desheng said loudly to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded,While walking up the mountain,And said to this bull:“You are right!Before the official opening,No one can go up the mountain,This is the rule,I have to obey”
“I know Mr. Xia!Our company has regulations,Even if it opened,But you can’t enter without a ticket,No matter who it is,The security guards here must not recognize the six relatives。This is the death order from Manager Yue”
Niu Desheng followed Xia Jian,While walking,One side said。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“now it’s right,You take people here to watch,Don’t let other people go up。We are going up the mountain to check work,So special release”
Waiting to go up the mountain from the ticket gate,Li Yuexin said unhappy:“Why did you get such a brainy person here?”
Bai Li glanced at Li Yue,Just smiled and didn’t speak。Xia Jian smiled and said:“now it’s right,Do not arrange a responsible person in this place,How does that work?White manager,Come down and call Manager Yue,Ask if the security captain is scheduled,if there is not,Just let this bull win”
Li Yueyi,I was embarrassed and stuck out my tongue,Didn’t say a word。Bai Li nodded and said:“Good manager Xia!I’ll arrange this”
As it is approaching noon,So the big sun shines on people,Still a bit hot。Did not take a few steps,Beads of sweat have appeared on Bai Li’s face,Li Yue walks very freely。She even carried the water that three people drank by herself,But walked,I feel very strong in my legs。