But even if it’s a stunning stunner,The people in the city don’t dare to have much blasphemy。

She is the ruler of this city。
Not something beautiful、belief、Symbols of freedom,More often it represents killing and war。
People call her the Valkyrie,She tamed this barbarity in just one year、Chaotic land。
Let this city and the surrounding territories finally have a trace of order,With formal laws。
The guards are a little loose,They turn a blind eye to anyone who enters the city,Including some beggars in ragged clothes,Influx。
I wish Minglang wandered for a long time at the gate of the city,After seeing this crowd of beggars,Insert decisively,Successfully entered Yongcheng。
This group of beggars didn’t know what city they came from.,I don’t understand a word of the language I wish Minglang。When they saw the hazy sculpture of the Valkyrie, they were all startled,Stayed in place for several seconds before leaving dejectedly。
They were originally from the Pinewood tribe,Own five walled cities,Although the land is not vast,Can be regarded as a big power on this land。
a year ago,Their five walled cities were destroyed,The ruler’s body is neatly placed on the street,The residents of the Wuzhai City have no protection,Half reduced to slaves,Half become homeless refugees,Ended up in several cities,Finally arrived at the site of the culprit。
Ridiculous,In just one year,The idea of hatred and revival has long been laid out、Can’t eat enough to destroy everything。
Just ask for a wall,Not being chased by beasts、Wilderness,Just want a dirty street to curl up and live,Even this tall city wall and long streets belong to the Valkyrie who wiped out their Five Walled City。
“Porridge,You go to the back street。”A buck-toothed man in an officer uniform came up,Said coldly to these stray beggars like cockroaches and mice。
“The official,I’m from Sangzhen,Encountered some bandits on the way to the city lord’s mansion,The money and the silk he planned to pay to the lord were robbed,Ended up like this,Could you please inform Uncle Wang in Sangjin?,Let him pick me up?”Zhu Minglang stepped forward and said politely。
“What what,Stay away from Lao Tzu,If you don’t drink porridge and starve to death, stay away from this long street.,Let the female city master see this mess,I have to lose my head too。”The buck-tooth officers and soldiers simply ignored what Zhu Mingtong said,Scolded。
I wish Minglang helpless,Had to avoid,At this time, a group of refugees heard the shout of porridge,Rushing to the back streets one after another,Zhu Mingtong was almost taken away。
The back street is very shabby,Far from the long street,Few wood and mud houses are intact,It’s messy at a glance,Walking into such a place seems like the smell of fireworks in the world has disappeared all at once,Only withered and ruined。
It’s not a lie to serve porridge,In the innermost wooden courtyard of the back street,There is a maid of the city lord in a water-blue dress making porridge。