See the white eyebrows,Liao Wenjun is speechless,Make money naturally,But this money is unknown,Hands in the hand panic。
Just thinking, who is secretly promoting the boost,A strength to throw money in his pocket,Elevator door is open,A burstive walk to the front desk。
“Several gentleman,Consult relevant business……”
“We don’t need to consult,Where do I pay??”
“what……Please queue in the conference room,This is the number of you。”
Looking at more than a dozen customers with briefcases,The front desk, the sister raised his hand and wiped the cold sweat on his head.,Flying in the pen,Handwriting number。
She is doing reception in other companies before,Experienced work experience,Because Sanjie Virgin Consulting Company has too high,Just choose the job hope。
Forgiveness,She also saw people who have seen big wind waves,Can this queue to send money to the first time。
“Excuse me,Where is your company’s boss?,I want to face and congratulate him.。”Leading youth rush。
“Please wait,I will help you.……”
“no need,I will receive this gentleman.。”
Liao Wenjie went to the front desk,Smile and hold handshake with youth,An acquaintance,At night in a night black wind,He also watched each other。
Hong Kong Island gambling Wang Hongguang’s left right hand,It’s also your heart.。
“Mr. Liao,Hong Ye, I wish you a happy business.,Financial resources,These are the friends of Hongye,I heard that you are a pension.,Special way to find your company to sign a cooperative contract。”
Billy introduction,After the latter:“Hongye knows that you don’t like to be involved with gambling.,So the flower basket and the wish are not prepared.,I hope I don’t want to mind.。”
Speaking of which,Billy surprised to look at the meeting room in line,Because I know that Liao Wenjie does not like the gambling and the black,Hong Guang is only to explain him to avoid the peak of the morning.,Solve people,This……
too exaggerated,Low Valley is also queued,The peak is not to stand the stairs.?
“Hong Ye is too polite,In front of him,I will finally be a small generation.,Special way so many friends run,Really let me sweat……How about this,You go back to Jin Ye,Changed to the day to eat。”
Liao Wenjie said,God is not awkward,恬 恬 知 模,Pointing at your pocket,I can’t do it directly.。
Billy corner pumping,Shouting money,Don’t give money to play a mahjong.。Forgive him,If it is not a changing,When you meet, you will have a smile.,I will not tell Liao Wenjie.。
Liao Wenjie looked around,Puzzle:“correct,I remember Hong Ye’s golden jade girl.,There is still a very wind……Miss Yeng, Ya Dream,Why isn’t she come over??”
“The dream is no longer a lot of things.。”
Refer to the dream,Billy face,Some time, the world gambling king contest was held,梦 撕 下,Identity of my second five,Have a blacklist,I don’t know where I went out.。
This makes the Pirais,He is so big,I have never been my heart to love a woman.。I thought I met the true love of life.,As a result, the other party was lie to him from the beginning.,I didn’t say a truth.。
But even if it is so,Billy will not give up,Confirm the eyes,Convinced that the dream is forced to have a hard work,And my dreams have loved him.。
“No bar,Miss Dream hopped!?”
Liao Wenjie is amazed,When the Billy’s face:“Pity,I still lack the female secretary,I know that she will hop.,That night, you should dig people directly.。”