“We are Magic Academy”Maui smiled“Of course you have to limit the strength of the soldiers,if not,Even if you can sweep the ring of the third-level magician,I guess Wright can beat you down too,On Warrior Strength,He is better than you。”

“Just rely on unarmed martial arts,Maui, stop laughing at Burke。”Wright also thought it was funny,“I can’t beat Burke with weapons,But Burke,Warriors can’t participate in the magician arena,Doesn’t mean it’s useless in the future,Think about us going to doomsday mountains and other places to experience,Some people approach us as ordinary magicians in close combat,Then we took out a long and thick magic wand and directly swiped him to the ground,Is it very emotional!”
“puff、puff”Hear Wright’s words,Carl and Burke spit out the drink with a smile。Maui was lying on the table with a smile,“Haha,A magic wand lay down,what。。。”
Laughed for a while,Carl sternly“Actually Wright,You can also participate in the magic arena,You are a level 4 magician、Four-level fighter,It’s easy to avoid magic,Besides, you don’t want to talk about a stupid man like Burke,I really hope that our dormitory will be the first in the ring,I guess it will take a few years to reach the limit of level 4 magician,As for Maui, this weak chicken, I didn’t expect it!Winning the game is more than just having that honor and prize,Can also exercise our fighting style”
Wright also answered:“Carl boss,Stop talking,I am not interested in these games,You don’t know,Besides, you saw it,The fighting methods of our third and fourth-level magicians are completely different from those of the sixth-level magicians.,Now even if I have to figure out how the magician fights,I have to do it again after becoming a level 5 or 6 magician,Anyway, we won’t even reach the sixth level magician, right?。”
“Ok,I won’t persuade you”Carl nodded“It’s late today,Hurry back to the dormitory at night,Let’s go!”
Chapter 22 Dream come again
Back to the college dormitory,Wright sat cross-legged on the bed,Entered deep meditation。
meditation,It’s actually a drain on mental power,The deeper the meditation,Consume faster,Mental exercise is actually no different from muscle exercise,Meditation is equivalent to strenuous exercise and weight bearing,Break through your limits every time,Then rely on natural recovery to consolidate this breakthrough time and time again。
Now Wright’s mental power has reached level four,Can be called an intermediate magician,The speed of his mental energy consumption is also considerable,Soon his mental power was exhausted,Then lie down naturally,Use the easiest way to restore mental strength—–Sleep。
Wright opened his eyes suddenly,I found myself no longer in the college17In the dormitory!
I seem to be standing in a small courtyard,This surprised him a little,I was obviously lying on the bed in the dormitory,I didn’t feel that someone moved and changed my position。
The layout of the yard is simple and plain,Red brick and white tile,I also planted a few slender trees。
This style is different from the courtyard furnishing styles of the civilians in the North.,But it’s not like any style I’ve seen in the books that I have read in the academy that introduces various places.。