The three have a kind of joy after the disaster,In the cabin, he pointed his middle finger to Chen Xiu。

“The ninth-level sword qi that does not use physical weapons is still cutting the plane!”
Chen Xiu drew the sharp soft sword from his waist,Under the infuse of the true energy, the soft body of the sword is suddenly firm and straight,Said to Ou Sheng:“protect yourself,I went to take down the helicopter!”
Stride out of seven、Eight meters distance,A little underfoot,Volley,Jian Yiyang,A cold light swept out,A faint glow of blue light appeared in the cold light,Is cutting to the tail of the helicopter。
Watching the flying cyan sword air,Chen Xiuda is an accident,The Ninth-Rank Sword Aura combined with this magic weapon is actually an eighth-Rank Sword Aura.!
This is really a surprise!
He knows this soft sword is sharp,But I didn’t expect this effect!
Knife flash,The tail end of the helicopter was divided into two parts,The helicopter that had taken off for more than ten meters suddenly lost control,In the air like a headless fly spinning and hitting the ground。
The helicopter crashed into the garden,Hit a big hole。
Chen Hailin and the three of them are straight zombie,The crash of more than ten meters will not hurt them,The three were dizzy and crawled out of it,Just stand up,Chen Xiu appeared before them with murderous aura。
“you listen to me……”
Chen Xiu raised his soft sword,Chen Hailin’s head is flying away from the body,This guy is the most cunning,Kill him the first time,Lest he talk nonsense,It’s hard to force a confession。