Lin Feng’s movie is in the rainy night,He is smashed in the rain,It’s like a stone, just like a stone.,He forgot everything,Falling into an extremely mysterious silence。

I don’t know how long it has been。
A Buddha’s voice sound:“Amitabha,Forest president Yaxing。”
Lin Feng is only open to the distance,Two monk came in the distance,Fertile ear,It’s like Maitreya,Just a feet do not seem to stick the ground,It’s like translating,For the first one is the National Master,Daily Master smiles。
Bunch behind the golden light curtain,The storm is falling over the top of the water to the water vapor disappeared.,Master of Japan is like a Buddha,He followed the Fa River behind him,The radiance on the Fa River is slightly dim,But this is the ground。
Each step has a golden lotus that has a golden lotus。
Steps Jinlian!
“Ha ha,Two big monks。”Lin Feng haha laughed:“Have two hard works.。”
“Not,I don’t know how Lin Presld a gift to me.?”The master of the Japan laughed and looked at Lin Feng Road.。
“This gift is indeed unusual。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Grandmaster,Let’s don’t fight my dumb mystery.,Open the sunroof and say bright words.。”
“it is good,Not talk nonsense,End of the big thunder!”I am dead and dead, I am dead.:“As long as you are willing to hand over the big thunder,I must become your Green Dragon Chamber of Commerce.,This fully supports you!”
“Grandmaster,I don’t understand what you mean.,I am also a little inexplicable.,What is the big thunder knife?”Lin Feng watched the Master of the Japanese Nature。
“Mix,Lin Feng,Don’t give your face!”The figure of the Fa River came out,Suddenly, the big hand pointed to Lin Feng Road.:“The brother has given you a face.,You put it again to sell stupid,I am afraid to me,Wish we are welcome.。”
“Oh,Fa River,You are threat this president?”Lin Feng heard his hands,Face-rich:“Who is your dog?。”
“Mixment,You are giving you a face,Forest president should not take care of himself。”Fa Jiang’s face。
“Read it in your guest,This president is not to be with you.,Some people in the province say that I am dragonflied.。”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the Fa Jiang Road.:“Japanese master,You said a sentence,Do you want to be a home??”
“Amitabha,Forest president,This site is young,Not careful with you,End of the big thunder,The big thunder knife is that I am Buddha Tongzan to a high god.,This seat is also a matter of course.。”The Master of the Japan smiled and looked at Lin Feng Road.:“If this Buddha god is lost,What is the face of Mijie’s face facing China and the world?,For this idea,I don’t mind and pay attention to it.。”
NS525chapter Six majors gathered in the city
“Japanese master,You are threatening me?”Lin Feng heard the sound,His face is ugly。
“Amitabha,Poor is not a threat,Instead, to maintain my dignity of my Buddha。”The Master of the Japan Gao Xuan gave a Buddha。
“it is good,it is good,it is good!”Lin Feng face showd a smile:“Dare to ask the master how to know the big thunder knife method is here?”
“Amitabha,The big thunder knife method is the Tong Dynasty,I can’t see the poor?”The Master of the Day, a great Buddha, laughing and laughing.:“Forest president,Give a poor,And abolish the big thunder in your body,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is not going to practice,I am completely returned to me,I am willing to and your business will be the forever.。”
“Master is too tightened.。”Lin Feng cold road:“The people of my Qinglong Chamber of Commerce now abolish the big thunder,Don’t you find yourself??Six power now attacks my Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,We are afraid that the end is even more miserable.,I am still not as good as I send the big thunder.,Maybe you can exchange some support。”
“Bold!”Fa River heard the words。
The master of the day is still with a smile.,He reached out and blocked the speech of the Fa River and laughed.:“My Buddha is compassionate,Naturally, I will not hurry,I will not look at the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,How to give you three days for you?You don’t disclaim in these three days.,Just use the big thunder knife method.。”
“Ha ha,it is good,The big thunder knife is the god of the people.,I naturally returned。”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“But the master also supported the next one,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is affected by the enemy。”
“Amitabha,This nature。”The Master of the Day, smiled and announced a Buddha.:“Six major power and evil and,This seat will not let go of these evil outside.,But this is between your and six power,We are also unhappy,How about this,Lao Yi first dismision of the six major forces。”
“Awe。”Lin Feng wrote a sentence。
However, Lin Feng still laughs:“Grandmaster,There is a voyage of the Thai House of You like this.,Foot enough to resist thousands of people,And I doubt that they have collided with the five poisonous people.。”
“Five toxicism?This news is true?”The masters of the Japanese land heard the face。
“I don’t dare to guarantee,You also know that the Southeast Leijia,There is also Xiang Hao Zheng Jia,Their two families have no less and five poisonous cooperation in years.,Master, you can support me.,I am just afraid that the five poisonous teachers involve it.。”Lin Feng worried。
“Humph!You don’t want to squeeze me.,Five toxicism?I can be afraid of the wild monkey.?”The masters of the day is cold:“I said that you have aid you to support you Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.。”
“So, I thank Master.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Go back,Don’t play something。”Daily Master smiles:“Otherwise, the consequences are very serious。”
“Ha ha,Grandmaster,rest assured,I will definitely pay。”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“Grandmaster,Please go back to the hotel to rest.。”
I nodded at the native master.,I immediately took the law.。