Tibet Ali Airport Test Flight Verified Public RNP AR Flight Procedure

The picture is taken after the test flight is successful. Ali Kunsha Airport is awarded the Chinese civil aviation flight check center, a bay, G450, the 12th, successfully completed the Tibet Ali Kunshan Airport public RNP AR flight program real machine verification test flight.

It is understood that RNP AR is a new type of navigation, which is a new technology that uses aircraft’s own airborne navigation equipment and global positioning system to guide the aircraft’s lifting and landing. It is currently recognized in the international aviation navigation future development trend.

The picture shows the smooth landing of the test flight. Ali Kunshan Airport is an airport in July 2010 in July 2010, which is a high plateau airport. The RNP flight procedure is the most important flight program in the west of Tibet. However, it is the use of airlines to customize RNP programs. There is inconsistent in flight procedures, inconsistent operation standards, lack of airway points, etc., airport control personnel need to accurately keep in mind multiple sets of different control procedures. This real machine is designed to strengthen the safety foundation of the plateau complex airport, verify the consistency of the public RNP AR navigation database and flight program design of the Ali Kunsa Airport, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the data; verify the ability of the aircraft implemented RNP AR flight procedures At the same time, verify the security, rationality of the RNP AR flight program, and the load and performance of the unit operation, and the feasibility of performance.

The figure shows the airline overlooking the angle view.

Ali Kunshan Airport is an additional, which is conducive to introducing new airlines to the Ali route, will break through some of the original RNP procedures of some airlines -25 ° C, while flights at the temperature -30 ° C, can be in Alikun San Airport is safe to land.

According to this trial aircraft, Director Liu Qinggui, director of the Chinese Civil Aviation Flight Calibration Center, the public RNP AR flight procedure of this verification reverses the area where the original flight program is prone to serious bumps, wind-cutting, and the modified procedure After verification, it is very successful to optimize the road to Hong Kong, the experience is very good, and it is more safe and smooth, and the test is successful. Responsible Editor: Dragon Conference.