Comprehensive care of teenagers and mental health

  Core reading primary and secondary school students, sleep, mobile, reading, physical management, referred to as "five management", is an incision that implements "double reduction" work. What is the implementation of "five management"? A few days ago, 16 supervision teams in the Office of the Office of the State Council went to 24 provincial capitals, 45 land, launched field supervision, followed up to 417 primary and secondary schools, 241 school training institutions.

    Since this year, the Ministry of Education has issued documents, and is deployed for strengthening operations, sleep, mobile phones, reading, physical management (referred to as "five management").

A few days ago, the Office of the Office of the Education and Supervision Office of the State Council went to all local supervision, and the reporter interviewed with the group.

  Multi-place work reform strengthens the function of educating, but there are too many numbers, the quality is not high, and it is slow to write. It was the troubles of Xiaodu, the secondary school student of East China University, often did not write. After the teacher, Teacher Xu was discovered, and the parents were communicated, they came out – according to the difficulty of the work, the choice of suitable homework, can not be done first.

Since then, Dudu’s sleep is significantly improved. Improve school education teaching management, homework is an important part.

In response to some places, there is too much, the quality is not high, and the Ministry of Education issues 10 management initiatives, including strictly controlling the total written operation, strictly prohibits foreign training operations, do not give parents, improve homework design quality, etc. .

  In this regard, many places explore design differentiation operations, and control efficiency.

Tianjin Heping District established the operation management mechanism of the teaching and research group, the session group, the preparation group and the principal, class teacher, parents coordinated, and implemented operational warning monitoring; Henan Zhengzhou Qian Xuesen Primary School adopted "self-selected operation supermarket" form, gradular group-based design Days of choice, the job is arranged on demand; Beijing 11 schools, etc. pay attention to multi-discipline coordination, strictly control the total amount of work … but the inspection team discovered in some provinces: there are still some schools lack a deep understanding of scientific layout, each The discipline lacks communication in the arrangement, and the total work of operation is exceeded, and the operational burden of the school training institutions in some areas still exists. "The supervision team found in a central provincial capital city, some school training agencies took more than 20:30, and frequently tested students." The inspectors of the supervision team, the original inspector of the Ministry of Education, said, 46% Parents said that the child participated in the school training institutions were arranged after the post-class operation, "the school decreased, and the school supplement) was prominent.

  Recently, the Sino-pro-office and the national office issued the "Opinions on Further Reduce Students’ Workload and Legal Training in Compulsory Education", clear work objectives: the quality of education and teaching quality and service levels are further improved, and the operation arrangement is more scientific and reasonable. Basically meet the needs of students, students learn better return to campus, and conduct comprehensive specifications of foreign training institutions.

  "The work burden is not only the new effect of temperature, and it takes up the normal exercise, rest, entertainment time." Yunnan Kunming City Panlong District Responsibility Supervision Zhang Xueqin said, to build a high-quality education system, strengthen the school education The position of the position, effectively relieve parents’ anxiety and promotes the comprehensive development of students, and grows healthily. Promote the healthy development of young people, some places and school work is not enough, and implement the National Health Jiterary Committee recently released data: 2020 children’s adolescents total myopia, including primary school students, junior high school students, high school students. How to improve the physical education and health literacy of primary and secondary school students, enhance the physical health management awareness and ability to do both sides of the family? "Most regional primary and secondary schools implement national regulations, open sports and health lessons, establish a relatively complete physical health test and measurement review system." Member of the supervision team, Hainan Education Governor, Pan Huili, pay attention to physical health is already Social formation of high consensus. A few days ago, the reporter saw the students in Huachang Village in Haidian District, Beijing, and the student did "sunshine and bright eye exercises" in the playground, while exercising, overlooking the fatigue.

"The school has carried out a sports class every day, ‘Sunshine Bright Eye", in the top of the teaching building, the basement also transformed into a sports hall. "Principal Liang Yongli introduced that the current students have effectively controlled, schools during the summer vacation Physical monitoring will continue.

  "The original intention of mobile management is to protect students’ vision, let them learn from school, prevent the network." Zhang Yan, member of the supervision team, President of the Anhui Provincial Education Society, said most areas and schools according to the actual needs of students, refine Management measures, basically realize effective management of mobile phones in the school. For example, some schools in Haikou City, Haikou City, established a special area, such as the teacher office, and the student after entering the school, the mobile phone is unified; the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress encourages parents and students to sign mobile phone standards, establish a business school cooperation mechanism based on understanding; Changzhi City, Shanxi Some schools develop a "electronic student ID" with a call function, and communicate in a home school.

  Student sleep time does not meet the standard, some schools arrange morning self-study, "quasi-class" and other phenomena still exist in some areas, some primary and secondary schools are in advance, Q & A and other names. Extracurricular reading is an important carrier for educating people.

The reporter learned that most areas can improve the review system of the school in accordance with the relevant provisions of the campus extracurricular reading recommendation, and standardize the management of books.

But there are also some schools to enter the campus books, compulsory or change to make students purchase designated books.

  "In accordance with the problems in different schools, improve management methods and measures in accordance with local institutions.

"The member of the supervision team, the national supervisor Zhang Fangming emphasized.

  The long-acting mechanism of home school cooperation, departmental synchronization, real-time monitoring and evaluation is also waiting to improve the Director of the Haiqing District Education Commission, Beijing, said: "Five management ‘is a cut in the’ double reduction ‘work, with a small direction, Take a little responsibility, take a small feelings.

Do a good job in ‘five management’, promote the healthy growth of students, is an important responsibility of all schools in the education system. "Despite the importance of" five management "work, the school is highly important, but in particular, it is also generally facing a realistic problem such as family school cooperation and relative cutting. For example, some parents are not understanding the practice of students’ reduction. And support, there is a school reduction, parent increasing phenomenon.

Extracurricular readers purchased by some families and students are difficult to regulate, which may have adverse effects on students.

A small number of students are inadequate at home, and parents have not adhered to the school’s job time. Some parents have failed to find, stop and correct electronics addiction and improper consumption, the lack of effective response to the child’s use of improper behavior in the process of using mobile phones.

  "There are also some regions that have not yet established coordinated working mechanisms, families, school collaborative education mechanisms are still uncomfortable." Guilin, president of the National Supervisory, Foreign Language School, Beijing Foreign Language University, said that some parents have not arranged written homework in primary school, second grade Indicate. To this end, the teachers actively open their homes and strive to let parents truly understand and respect the growth laws, education laws, and cooperate with school work.

  In addition, the number of teachers and the lack of space resources is also a realistic problem facing some areas.

With the increase in physical education, physical education teachers lack, playground, and lack of space, leading to physical activities to face practical difficulties.

  "Strengthening ‘five management’ is a close relationship between a whole, all work." National Special Education Supervision, Hou Jianghua, Associate Professor, Shaanxi Normal University, said that the initiative should be integrated, coordinate, to avoid this, repeat the addition. Field supervision discovery, monitoring and evaluation mechanism is not perfect and difficult for some areas.

"Some provinces have established a student physical health monitoring data platform. Based on this, it is necessary to fully analyze the results, form an issue of assessment, feedback, intervention." National Special Education Supervision, Director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Government Education Supervision Office said that there is Regional exploration supervision online training, game platform, but online platform registration area is wide and complicated, need to strengthen the coordination of departmental coordination, can not rely on the education department.

Next, "We will actively promote the relevant departments of the government to identify the division of responsibility, combine the actual refinement of work programs, establish multi-sectoral coordination mechanisms, and promote the implementation of ‘five management’ policies.

Implement the student after-school service, holiday hosting, etc., enrich the education and supply, and lift the people’s worries.

Strengthening ‘five management’ monitoring platforms and monitoring tools, build assessment, feedback, intervention complete closed loop, guiding schools to monitor results, improve decision-making, improve work. Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Office of the Education Supervision Committee of the State Council.