Insufficient sleep deprivation

Insufficient sleep deprivation

Click to buy our saying that spring sleepy autumn, many friends said that every day they always get up and feel that they don’t sleep enough, and they can’t sleep.

According to a survey released by British scientists, lack of sleep is very harmful to human health. If there is insufficient long-term sleep, people will have more than twice the risk of death from cardiovascular disease than normal people.

  Insufficient sleep is a big hazard. So, is the body lacking sleep called a signal?


Soon to sleep, don’t think that yawning is the lack of sleep, lying down and sleeping, “sleeping on the pillow” may also be a performance.

According to the study, if you often fall asleep within 5 minutes of lying down, you may have severe sleep deprivation and even sleep disorders.

You may think that this is a good sleep performance, the opposite is true.


Responding to slow tea will also spill tea on the new clothes you just bought.

Such a clumsy foot may be a nuisance.

There is a large body of evidence at present that the lack of awareness is slow, lack of focus, slow response, and poor motor skills.

In addition, drowsiness will result in impaired balance and deep perception.


Emotional impulses Budget sleep can lead to mood volatility.

One study found that when sleep is not enough, we are more likely to be depressed, because the tired brain stores more negative memories.

The behavior of the unconscious is very similar to that of patients with depression.

Insufficient sleep will make you judge bad and impulsive, such as: bad diet, buy things without considering the consequences, and generate emotional problems such as irritability.


Expression disorders The frontal lobe of the brain is associated with speech, and constructive thinking and creativity are affected by sleep deprivation.

Experts believe that people with insufficient sleep can hardly have spontaneous and complex speeches, and many of them may have slurred speech, stuttering, monotonous speech, or clichés.


It’s easy to forget things. If you go out and mail things, you will find that you are forgotten at home when you go to the place; or you can’t remember the name of a new colleague. Although you have heard it several times, the lack of rest is likely to disturb your memory.

Harris said that sleep helps memory consolidation and emotional management. Without proper rest, it is difficult to form a memory. It is difficult to think carefully and act rationally without grasping the ins and outs.


Overeating Many studies have shown that long-term lack of awareness can disturb blood sugar levels, leading to excessive leptin (an appetite-suppressing hormone) and more obesity (an appetite-stimulating hormone).

These physiological changes inevitably lead to excessive diet.

Tired people especially like sweets and other simple carbohydrates, probably because they can fill their stomachs quickly.


One sentence needs to be read twice to be unable to concentrate, and it is also a clear signal that there is not enough time to sleep.

With sleep deprivation, you will lack concentration and damage the ability to make instant decisions. Studies have shown that sleep is useful for decision making, such as avoiding accidents during driving.


The marriage is dissonant. Sleep experts say that men and women who lack sleep are likely to have sexual desire and are not interested in sex.

Increased damage, lack of sleep, and increased tension may be the main reasons.

  It is recommended that you should adjust your lifestyle from a lack of sleep and seek a balance between work and rest.

To develop good habits and realize your mental health can you live healthy and comfortable.

When encountering some difficult psychological problems or mental problems, we should promptly consult a doctor.