Under the opportunistic lead,Li Tianzi walked out of the hotel quickly,But when I walked to the door,Li Tianzi suddenly turned back and walked towards the lobby manager。

I thought I had to bear the big price of clothes,But I saw Li Tianzi’s figure reappear in my eyes。No reminder,The lobby manager naturally changed to an easy-going expression,Smiling and looking at Li Tianzi。
“Although you are flattering,But you are at least more real than those people,Also a lot of pure。This dress has a heart,I will pay you back at double the price。”
Finished talking,Li Tianzi just left。Suddenly felt that sentence“Real villains are far cuter than hypocrites。”Is the most famous saying。
The lobby manager is finally really smiling right now,Thanks again and again to Li Tianzi,But there is no real polite sentence。
Li Tianzi got into her car under the escort of the driver,If you look closely, there are still fingerprints on your face。
The driver dare not disturb,Just waiting silently for Li Tianzi’s instructions。
Li Tianzi first covered his face with both hands,A very painful look,Then a sudden smile was born。
“Actually not at a loss,At least you can see a lot of things clearly!”
If you don’t make sure that you’re behind me,,The driver must think Li Tianzi is a lunatic now,After being humiliated,Not angry yet?
Dare to observe Li Tianzi through the rearview mirror,The driver can only look ahead,Quietly waiting for Li Tianzi’s next instructions。
“go home!I’m a little tired!”
After Li Tianzi was lost and laughed,Restored to his previous state,A bit lazy,The driver is like an amnesty。
The hotel Li Tianzi far away,The lobby manager only regrets that his credit card limit is too low,Otherwise, I might not worry about eating and drinking in the next two or three months。
Head up,Somewhat proud,After all, I just handled a crisis public relations,The impact will be more or less,But the benefits outweigh the impact,Then he is meritorious。
Take care of the young lady from the Li family,The lobby manager turned and walked to his next battlefield。
Magic City,Naturally, Li’s son and young lady are the richest,But this does not mean that Modu has no other rich children,These people have to serve carefully by themselves!
The footsteps are a lot lighter unconsciously,But when the manager opened the door of another box,,The whole person is like being realized。
The man who poured a plate of leftovers on Li Tianzi’s head just now,Now I’m sitting in the box I opened the door,Sitting quietly in the crowd,When the dinner with Li Tianzi and the others started,same。