Chen Wenjin is still in group activities at this time。

Near noon,Prince Huang Mao has a few more friends,All girls,All three are beautiful。
When Prince Huang Mao introduced,When Chen Wenjin met one of the girls,,He can’t help but feel too coincidental。
Chen Wenjin has this girl’s story in his memory,and,This girl was a special existence in the eyes of many people.。
The light in the girl’s eyes looking at Chen Wenjin is particularly bright,Obviously the kind,Got it right、The first impression is particularly good。
Chen Wenjin looked at the girl’s eyes,The memory that emerged is also clearer。
In memory,This girl looked at him with this look。
Chen Wenjin’s future memory,Meet this girl,There are some times,And now,Obviously met in advance。
This girl has a special reputation,Nicknamed‘Untuckable iron pants,Referred to as iron pants’。
The origin of this nickname,It has something to do with someone who played with Prince Huang Mao before。
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Four The man who makes people chill
Tall iron pants,Two inseparable sisters plus her,Ling Sanjiao,They are one term higher than Prince Huang Mao,But live near Lingzhong。
A place in the ridge,There is a man named Chao Ge,Mixed society,Two years older than Chen Wenjin and Tie Pants。
Brother Chao is a very famous ruthless man,Ruthless enough to fight his father on the bench,I got a kitchen knife and chased his father around the street。
The iron pants that can’t be pulled off were once Super Brother’s girlfriend,Two people talked for three months,There is no breakthrough key。
Once,Brother Chao made a big deal,Determined to win。
I tossed for a long time that night,The iron trousers that cannot be pulled hold the last pair of trousers,Super brother frightened when he was upset,But while the iron pants refused, they also made sense,Plus knowing sometimes,Brother Chao usually likes her too,I didn’t despise her in my heart。The other is that Brother Chao hates his father’s violence after drinking,But love his mother,So don’t beat women,So I didn’t use violence。
Later, I coaxed her to stop making trouble,Say tired sleep。