“30 seconds slower than the scheduled time,Next we have to speed up!”

Recheck,Only the four of them made a new assassination plan。
“A bit crowded,Kill them all,But time bombs have been installed in various locations,Twenty minutes later,If we can’t solve Lagon,Then take him to die!”
Long Liu looked at the people around him,Thinking back to the time bombs I hid,Long Liu felt that he had sent this cruise ship to heaven,There should be no problem。
Long Liu’s voice fell,The other three people looked at Long Liu blankly,After a while, Long Wu shook his head and smiled:“Unsuccessful benevolence,Such a crazy move,It’s so fucking likable!”
Except for Dragon Five,Shan You and Long Shi have the same idea。
After a short relaxation,The four are in a good mood again,Touched towards the main cab where Rajon was。
Decapitation operations like this,Team Dragon has no idea how many times they have done it,Even without rehearsal beforehand,The actual operation is also very familiar。
Dragon Five and Dragon Six spread towards the wings,Shan You don’t know when to disappear into the night,Follow the memory of Long Shi,The last second order seems to be still by my side,But I just turned my head,It’s gone。
Don’t worry about whereabouts,Because Long Shi knew he would not leave,As for why,Long Shi doesn’t know it himself,Since the guy saved himself last time,Long Shi found that he seemed to trust him abnormally。
Shook his head gently,Long Shi seems to want to get rid of all his thoughts that have nothing to do with the moment,Lagun is within easy reach,Long Shi wanted revenge and his heart began to beat violently。
Close to the main cab of the cruise ship,Long Shicai just calmed down,The door to the main cab was kicked open。
“I said I couldn’t reach so many people,There must be something wrong,Sure enough, a little mouse came in!”
Lagon swaggered out of the main cab,A few warriors from Japan were behind him,It seems that he is still a leader。
Several people didn’t respond to Lagon’s words,In their opinion, one person can kill so many people silently,Not to be underestimated。
Looked around,Found that no one responded to himself,Lagon frowned slightly。
Lagon remembers Dragon Ten,The little guy who escaped from his own hands,I just didn’t expect that she would dare to find her revenge。
“Dare to appear in front of me,Are you looking for a helper to die together??”
Lagon looked at Long Shi contemptuously,Hold on to the fence,The self-confidence exuded by Lagong gives people a desire to kill the dragon ten,It’s as easy as picking up something。