After searching,Wang Teng hit it directly。

“Hey,Hello there,What can I do for you?”
Over the phone,He said very respectfully。
And Wang Teng,Is talking:“I am Wang Teng, the shareholder of your company。”
what,Company shareholder?
These people checked,There is indeed such a person。
but now,They are actually deep inside,Somewhat unsure。
and so,They still didn’t forget to talk to Wang Teng。
“This gentleman,I wonder if you can provide your ID number,We check。”
These things,There is no problem in itself。
As for Wang Teng,He looks indifferent。
then,Provided your ID number。
quickly,Over the phone,I have already checked the identity of Wang Teng。
“Hello sir,Has been checked clearly,You are a shareholder of our company,do not know,What can we do for you?”
When the phone is there,The man said to Wang Teng。
at this time,Wang Teng said:“Is such that,My girlfriend Jiang Ya wants to book a place with you to invite colleagues to dinner。”
“Like your people say,Out of place?”