Fang Yu hasn’t finished yet,The family beside him can’t help but say,Punched me directly。

Fang Yu can’t avoid it,Was knocked directly to the ground with a punch,Close contact with the floor。
They kicked Fang Yu and said:“It’s an irresponsible doctor like you,Obviously your responsibility,Still shirk!”
“Such an irresponsible doctor,I don’t know how to get into the hospital……”
“Yes!There are fewer and fewer responsible doctors now……”
“Let’s go to another hospital from now on,The doctor here is too bad!”
People still onlookers,Also criticized!
After the patient’s family gets tired,
Fang Yu struggled and slowly got up,“He is not dead,As long as the rescue is fine!”
“Yes,I will host this operation!You believe me,Just pass by my hand,Sure to save him……And the black sheep of this kind of hospital,I will take care of it!”
Words from the attending doctor,Let the patient’s family members feel a little calmer,The voice is also a little lower!
Comfort the emotions of the patient’s family,The attending doctor turned around and Fang Yu said,
“you,Has been fired!”
Hear the voice of the attending doctor,Fang Yu felt a little weak in an instant,Like five thunders。
Head buzzing,Life is falling apart。
Ran Jing is gone!