“I wish the city lord laughed,Sweeping bandits the other day,It’s so pleasant,I have been impressed by the courage of the Lord Zhu,There are some rumors outside,Said we gray wolves ride to those robbers、Gangster making umbrella,Although it cannot be said to be a rumor,But as the leader of the wolf ride,I can swear by everything I have,Since I founded Canglangqi,I never wanted to get these dirty money!”Yu Gaojie said。

“so,We have a misunderstanding about your wolf ride?”Zhu Minglang said。
“Not a misunderstanding,I can be honest。Indeed, there is a small gang force in my wolf ride,They ride the famous head by our wolf,To make things easier for those gangsters,To squeeze those ill-gotten gains。I also see that this kind of thing cannot be tolerated in the eyes of Lord Zhu,So before I came, I ordered,Get rid of all the gangs doing this work,Spoiled meat,It’s time to cut,Zhu Sanzhu,what do you think?”Yu Gaojie said。
“It would be better for Chief Yu to clean the door himself,But Runyu City still doesn’t allow you to stay stationed,Chief Yu make new plans earlier。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Young,I made some mistakes,Although I am willing to reform,But no one wants to believe it anymore。Later I founded Canglangqi,Most of the recipients are some nowhere to live,There are some sins on the body……These brothers come from four different nations,But no country can tolerate them。”Yu Gaojie’s tone has changed a bit。
“Except for Runyu City,There are not many places where you can live,Right?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“Yes,Our grey wolf ride will not inhabit any country,The only choice is Runyu City,I know I wish the city lord integrity,Don’t let sand in your eyes,My gray wolf rider can get rid of the bandits entrenched in this whole brown land、robber,Even if we kill the evil dragon,We won’t frown,I only hope that Canglangqi can coexist with Runyu City。”Yu Gaojie gave a fist,Indicates the purpose of coming this time。
“It depends on the next performance of Chief Yu,Is really for the people,Refreshing;Still playing tricks,Delay……It doesn’t matter what I think of you wolves riding,The important thing is how the residents of Runyu City think about you。”Zhu Minglang said。
“it is good,I proved it!”Yu Gaojie said。
First266chapter Funeral
The previous ruined mansion has been destroyed by the people from Longmaying。
It happened that Yang Beicheng was already empty,The environment here is much better than the previous broken lanes,Just do some sorting and decoration,Very comfortable。
First set up a Runyu Building,To discuss the next development of this sloppy city,Then I chose an elegant and comfortable、The poplar mansion with quiet years,Settle in your family。
“in this way,One month later,We can get the seal of the city lord。”Zhu Minglang said。
“It’s not bad to have a foothold,I like the climate here。”Nan Yusuo is holding some sliced cucumbers,Feed it piece by piece to Fairy Rabbit and Dragon Little Chang’e。