Will the opposite sex attract you most?

Will the opposite sex attract you most?

Let’s answer first, what is your favorite woman’s figure?


Women who like “big breasts, small breasts” figure B.

Women who like “small breasts, small breasts” figure C.

Women who like “small chests and big hips” have figure D.

Women who like “big breasts and big hips” A: If you are a friend who chooses A, you can show your temperament in front of others.

You have a strong ability to understand things, and you can always have a lovely smile at all times, making others feel kind, but on the other side, there is a winning and unwilling personality.

At events organized by companies, schools, etc., you are likely to meet new men.

  If you are a male, you are a progressive person.

Trusted by the boss and colleagues, he can gradually show his talents and is very motivated, but he feels calm about sex.

  Friends who choose B If you are a woman, the man you like is the person who has the shadow of your father, who can tolerate your personality and is very considerate.

Your personality doesn’t care about small things, and you don’t care about others. You are a clear-cut and aggressive person.

If it is the same age or unreliable male, you will promptly reject him.

  If you are a male and you are a clean person, few women will please you.

At the same time, you have very little self-confidence and self-confidence in your abilities.

  If you choose C, if you are a female, you are a more polite and cautious person. Even if the person standing in front of you is exactly the type you admire and admire, you dare not convey your heart to the other person.

The right person must be someone with the same interests as you. People who know you through the same interests are best for you.

If it is a person with a similar face shape, action, and expression, it is more suitable.

  If you are male, you are intellectual.

Longing for things that are sensible is easily attracted to people who are sane and rational.

  If you choose a friend of D, if you are a woman, you will be able to tell the person you like very quickly. Since you can trim the like or not at a glance, you will lose many opportunities.

Schoolmates or childhood playmates are best for you.

Falling in love with people of the same age can be said to be a friendship type that understands each other.

  If you are male, you are resistant.

Dislike of normal things has always been a desire for dissatisfaction, will resist the opinions of the boss, but very gentle to women.