Huang Shaotian raised his head,I found myself tied up firmly,Rope tied to her,It is a lock beast rope specially used for hunting by the gods,It is made from the skin of a dragon,Stronger than an iron chain。

Lu Menglin not only tied her five flowers,Also tied a new trick,Knotted on both sides,Use ropes to draw out the body curve of Huang Shaotian’s skirt。
“you,What do you want to do?Let me go!”Huang Shaotian was shocked and angry,Shouted。
“I asked what you want to do?Hiding in someone’s house,Stab me with a sword as soon as we meet!Are you trying to make money?Still killing?”Lu Menglin sneered。
“I,How do I know that the person waiting is you!I warn you!If you dare to touch my hair,The Royal Palace and I, Huang, will never let you go!”Huang Shaotian was terrified,Anger。
Lu Menglin looked at the girl’s bluff,Can’t help but look from top to bottom,Fell from her waist to her calf。
Huang Shaotian is extremely sensitive,Shrank his legs immediately,Vigilant look,She looks cold,In fact, my heart was so flustered。
“Wuhao,Do you dare to beat me at the gate of Yuewang Mansion,I thought you were an upright man!I never thought you wanted to bully a weak woman!you,You shouldn’t be like this!”
Huang Shaotian saw Wu Hao not saying a word,Immediately softened his attitude,Trying to move,Dawn of reason,Persuade him to let himself go。
Lu Menglin is secretly funny,The seed master of the dignified palace,Beautiful swordsman,Claiming to be a weak woman,If even she is a weak woman,I’m afraid there are no women who are not weak in God City!
Sizzle!Lu Menglin tore Huang Shaotian’s skirt,Exposed slender feet。
Huang Shaotian was shocked,Unexpectedly, this fanatic actually dared to shoot himself,For a while, I just feel the sky is dark,Tears fell down,Like big beads and small beads falling on a jade plate,Really pitiful to the extreme。
Lu Menglin ignored her at all,But grasped her little feet,Pull out the soleplate,Release a ray of light power with fingertips,Thinner than feathers,Still light,Scratched slightly。
Huang Shaotian opened a pair of beautiful big eyes,I don’t know what that fanatic is doing!
“from now on,I ask,You answer,No lie,Otherwise i won’t stop!”Lu Menglin said lightly。