Then I kissed Gu Jin on the face,Suddenly Gu Jin’s heart was about to be cute,Hold your son and don’t let go or let others hold,Just hold。

Bai Chen sighed helplessly and said:“Gu Jin is also my son,Somehow, let me give you a hug。”
Gu Jin said with a smile:“Wife, I’m afraid you are tired?Our son is so precious,What if you accidentally hug and fall。”
Bai Chen rolled his eyes helplessly,Then Xiao Fan told Gu Jin:“Okay Gu Jin,You forgot when you were on the mission with me,What are you trying to get rid of,Holding your son now,It’s simply too double standard。”
Xiao Fan said:“I can’t help but speak for Bai Chen。You can easily lose your daughter-in-law like this。”
Gu Jin smiled and said:“Will not,My wife is so sensible,She won’t abandon me,Damn,Forget it,Hug my son for my wife。”
Chapter 531 Xiao Fan’s concerns
After a few brief conversations,Xiao Fan asked Shen Lin and Su Ran to go back and prepare for their own work,After all, so many days away,Many things will not be comfortable to take over now。
So they need to take their work more seriously,Otherwise, you might delay your time,It will also delay other people’s time。
Although neither of them has a mission now,But this does not mean that the two of them can do nothing。
Although Xiao Fan knows that both of them are capable,And treat people who work very seriously,But Xiao Fan felt that some things must be given to them。
Especially Yiming and Chu Yao have been busy recently,Moreover, these days are very tired,So Xiao Fan felt that Shen Lin and Su Ran should work harder after returning。
Of course, Shen Lin and Su Ran are also very conscious,Both of them worked harder。