Even though the ugly Scarlet Demon is still releasing ground thorns without interruption,But for Lu Menglin at this moment,Just in vain,It is impossible to cause real harm,It just consumes some energy and blood。

Lu Menglin finally got a chance,Started to look at the whole body of this Scarlet Moon Demon seriously,Trying to find its weakness,One hit kill。
But at this moment,He heard a clear and sharp voice behind him。
“Brother Wuhao!Stop attacking it!Listen to me first!”
Lu Menglin was shocked,Can’t help but look back,I saw Huang Shaotian strode forward,Holding a long sword,aggressive。
He suddenly felt a little strange,With Huang Shaotian’s strength rank,How could it have survived the scarlet devil’s ground stab attack??
Take a look,In fact, Huang Shaotian was not attacked by the Scarlet Moon Devil,He walked all the way in the dense forest,Run fast,But it didn’t even stab the ground。
Why this monster didn’t attack him,Is there anything hidden in this??
Huang Shaotian came closer,When I saw Lu Menglin,Complex expression on face,Flickering eyes,I feel very anxious。
Because she guessed what Wu Hao thought,Have doubts about myself。
But she didn’t expect,Big Brother Wu Hao actually has the ability to withstand the Scarlet Devil’s ground stab attack,Can stay awake,Hold still。
“Brother Wuhao,I don’t have time to explain,Get out of here,Leave it to me,It’s too late if you don’t leave。”
Lu Meng Lin knows well,In fact since this journey,Huang Shaotian’s behavior is a bit abnormal,Seems to be hiding something secret。
By now,She finally couldn’t keep it。
It seems,Huang Shaotian and this mysterious demon altar,Is actually related。
Lu Menglin smiled deliberately:“Without your help,I can also kill this old Scarlet Demon!Don’t worry!”