Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan with a serious face and said to him:“What do you think of this?Shall we just buy this?”

Chapter Eighty Seven decisive
Xiao Fan said to Lin Yoona:“You feel comfortable,You have to choose among these,Choose what you feel most comfortable,Then we buy。”
After Lin Yuner heard Xiao Fan’s words,,He went to the chair next to him,Tried one by one。
then。I also felt that it was the best one I just picked, he said to Xiao Fan:
“Then this?Let’s not waste time,I sit so much,I feel this is the most comfortable。”
After Xiao Fan understood it, Lin Yuner had to say:“That line,That’s it,Two??”
“Can I choose this one exactly like you for Director Bai??”
Lin Yun said:“Of course it must be exactly the same as mine,I think this one should be the best?Let’s ask the salesperson。”
So Xiao Fan found the salesperson,So the salesperson said:“Can you introduce this seat to me?What’s the difference between its material and others,Which one is better。”
The salesperson told Lin Yoona:“Miss, you have a good vision,This is the best office chair on our floor。”
“Its cost performance is the highest,Of course the most expensive。If you did,I will definitely feel that this chair is more comfortable than others。”