This immediately aroused the sympathy of Guo Xiaoyi,Who was not afraid of being dominated by 800-character composition when he was young?

“I don’t understand,What does it mean that the article must be satisfied with your dad?Is there no more specific standard??”
“No!”Xiaozhi’s tone is full of frustration,It’s like a kid who can’t eat ice cream。
Also let Guo Xiaoyi overflow with love again,Stand on Xiaozhi’s side immediately,Began to speak righteously against an unscrupulous parent:“How can this be?Others have specific requirements for the college entrance examination composition,I’ll give you a free testimony?This is idealism,Don’t be afraid,Xiaozhi,I’ll go back to help you find his theory。”
“OK,Sister-in-law,It’s too difficult after all,I wrote to dad before2969Ten thousand3763Articles,Chat with you, I’ll submit it to him again13Ten thousand6781Articles,He is not satisfied,I feel sad。and many more,Dad has news,He asked me to put all the articles I just submitted,Merge into one5000Give him articles within words,Oh my god,So hard!”
Guo Xiaoyi is speechless,She suddenly realized,I am not communicating with a normal child。This child’s ability can probably kill tens of millions of her。
What they find difficult is not the same。
Ok,Suddenly I felt very useless to say,By the way, Xiaozhi can’t show off his ability in front of him, right??
“If you say that,Not too cute,Xiaozhi。”
“impossible,I will always be the cutest girl……,Sister-in-law,Do you think the name Xiaozhi doesn’t match my temperament??”
Speaking of this topic,Guo Xiaoyi’s spirit came instantly,And asked very seriously:“Speaking of this,You need to consider a serious issue,Classmate,You want to be a boy,Still a girl?”
The other end of the celebration,After Wang Yufei filled his stomach with drinks,Finally taught a group of fighting strength but five,How do the high-IQ researchers who can be fooled,Finally I was able to sit quietly with Lu Yuxin next to his floor-to-ceiling windows in the top office of the company,While looking at the scenery outside the window,Talk quietly。
“how about it,Is there a big world,All in your hands?”
Lu Yuxin holding a glass of champagne,Sitting on the sofa and savoring slowly,Look at Wang Yufei’s back opposite,Asked with interest。
Who knows the purpose of Wang Yufei’s development of Xiaozhi best,It’s definitely her。