“what?Isn’t it an ordinary cyst……”

Doctor,Hurriedly let people start electric shock treatment。
After several electric shocks,Still has no effect。
The attending doctor looks at the patient on the hospital bed,Look slumped。
He has seen many scenes of life and death,But this time,He walked into the operating room with a promise。But now the result,But so!
“To announce the death!All responsibility,I am responsible!”
The attending doctor finished,Out of the operating room。
“Doctors,How is my dad?”
The patient’s family came over,Asked。
“This one……Something accident happened,but,We have tried our best!you guys……Prepare for funeral!”
The attending doctor looked at them,Shook his head。
“Did not you say,Just a small question?”
“How could this be!”
“Return my husband!”