A strong man from the infinite palace,I’ve been accustomed to treacherous experience since I was young,The setbacks and experience experienced surpassed other forces。

And now the strong who stepped into the infinite temple of the noble level will be brought into the universe of the Fourth Jedi Six Sacred Peaks by the ruler of the human race and even the true gods.。
Six Holy Peaks in the Universe,Even the Master of Law level can be fully tempered and tempered。What’s more, even if it fell,You can also easily resurrect with Li Ming’s World Tree clone。
This makes them very enthusiastic about grind and chance。
Until Li Ming enters the cave of the ancestor of the Six Holy Peaks,The three rulers have been born,After this, thirty-nine rulers were born in the 10,000 epochs of the blowout period.。
This number is almost the same as that of the Star Spirit before being discovered by Li Ming,The number of masters of the human race universe has doubled。
of course,Human allies,Even primitive universe、The other powerhouses in Cosmic Sea have also improved greatly。
The main things human beings are in the primitive universe,Is suppressing those allies,After all, allies are just allies,Not native。
of course,These are not obvious。
Not only because of the number of true gods that almost occupy the primitive universe,It’s because of the deterrence that the Infinite Demon Lord continues to increase。
Chapter Twenty Black stone pillar
The third thousandth era after the deity of Li Ming entered the Ancestral Cave。
A metal figure flew out of the palace treasure。
Peak flying palace treasure,No one knows his real name,But because it is‘Infinite Demon Lord’The long-lived palace of the metal life clone,The strong people in the universe are respectfully called【Infinite Demon Temple】
“Look,In the treasure of the Infinite Demon Temple,The metal life clone of the infinite demon flies out。”
“it’s said,The metal life clone of the Infinite Demon has stayed in that palace,Use the black stone pillar space to accelerate spiritual practice,Tens of thousands of eras,I don’t know when he will come out?Is it the same as last time,War broke out in the primitive universe,That’s why the Infinite Demon Lord made this clone return to the original universe to join the battle?”The one speaking is the only master of the universe,After the appearance of the Fourth Jedi,He is still the top universe overlord—Also took refuge in the human race,Partial inheritance,Became a master of the universe。
“I have never heard of a large-scale war in the primitive universe.,Not to mention that after the war,The remaining ethnic groups in the primitive universe are not the opponents of the human ethnic group.。”A master of the universe who looks like a mantis said positively。
once,He is an immortal Zerg warrior of the Third Reincarnation Age,Gained wisdom by accident,After the Fourth Jedi appears,He used the power of the Zerg to sneak into that world,Become the lord of the universe under constant experience。
but,His relationship with the human race is not bad。After all, it is a Zerg warrior who was once enslaved and controlled,In fact, they are not in harmony with those Zerg mothers。