In fact, this high-density is not small.,Easy to find。But the emergency doctor just stayed next to the machine is concerned about whether there is any aortic dissection,Is there a pulmonary embolism?,Hosted the case of esophageal cavity。

This also confirms the sentence.,You are amateur,People are eating this bowl of rice。
The emergency doctor quickly called the warm,ask,Recall carefully,Have you eaten fish when you eat in the teahouse?,Eat chicken, etc.,Bone,Do you have?Is there a happiness??
Mrs. Zhong is now,A little hesitation,Say no.,I just didn’t some fish meat chicken。
Emergency doctor is somewhat disappointment。
But there is a fish in the first two days.,Mrs. Zhong made a sentence。
Emergency doctor is overwanging,Asked if there is a case where there is a stabbed injury?
Some,Mrs. Zhong nodded,Said that I still had a big meal to put my bones.。
Emergency doctor does not say two words,Directly rush back to the rescue room,Mr. Yin,Is there this situation?,Mr. Zhong is still a chest pain,Full face,Morphology,Sweating doesn’t seem so much。He replied to the issue of the emergency doctor,Yes,At that time, there was a fish bone to throat,But I went a few o’clock in the back.。
Ghost!Where is this bone?!
This is clearly in the esophagus.!
And this is very likely to cause your chest pain.!
Then why didn’t you don’t have a pain before?,Talent is talented when you eat today.?Everyone can’t understand。
That day may be a fish bone just a little bit of esophageal mucosa.,Not fall,May be further topped by your food today.,It’s deeper,So even more painful,Dramatic pain is possible to cause shock。Emergency doctor。
Implement the liquid now,At the same time, some drugs that improve blood pressure。
ICUDoctors come,Cardiologists have also come。After understanding the situation,The medical doctor will go back.,It is indeed unlike myocardial infarction.,There were no obvious discovery before and after several times.,Two myocardial enzymes、Calcin protein is negative。Not a disease。
Do you want to go directly to the five officials or gastroscopy?Under endoscopic, take it out。Everyone deliberately。
FirstICU,Stabilize a little more inner mirror,How about it?Emergency doctor said。
Later, I called back the digestive medicine doctor.,This fish bone may be the position of the fish bone card in the esophagus,It is necessary to make a gastroscope to take it out.,The tweezers of the ENT are not long enough.。Everyone discusses one,I feel that this operation is still too high in the inner mirror room.,After all, the patient now has low blood pressure.,Although the blood pressure is better after using the drug.,But after all, there is a problem.。
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And in case this bones are in the blood vessels.,When you pull out, you may cause a big bleeding.。Although this possibility is not high,Therefore。The returns of the radiologists have eaten the pills for everyone.,Look on the film,The possibility of taking the bone to the major artery is almost zero。
But still go to the anesthesiology,Whitewater is a gastroscope exploration。Anesthesiology,If you really have low blood pressure or bleeding,Simple in operation。In order to ensure safety,Surgeon。
Anesthesiologist successfully touched Mr. Zhong。
Strange,The high-graphic shadow seen on that film is gone.?Where is the bone??It is clear that the film is displayed in the esophagus.。But the doctor in the inner mirror room repeatedly saw the esophagus,I haven’t seen my bones.,Judging only a small blood mass。
It is a deeper penetrating tube wall.?If this is the case,That’s bad。A lot of blood vessels outside。But it’s not reasonable.,I haven’t eaten this time.,How can I get a deeper?。
Will it be yourself?Go to the stomach?Next to anesthesiologist。
This possibility,I also hope that。
So the mirror continues to push,Enter the stomach。Inside the stomach、Stomach,Really bad。To find such a small bone like this,Although it is not a sea,It is not simple things.。