She even felt that the monkey did not have some happiness.。

“Little plum,Do you want to go back?!This is not。”
“Big squad leader,Let’s just start.,how is this possible?”
“You can find it again,Waiting for you to find the first one,I will understand the fun of it.。”
Although Li Hui is so persuaded,But Han Shanshan did not feel what fun。
Look back,Attention is also very concentrated。
suddenly,Han Shanshan saw a known monkey who did not move on the trunk,Originally, she wants to leave.,I suddenly。
Even inexplicable students have a sense of accomplishment。
“Little plum,Here there is one,A little high,I can’t touch it.。”
Han Shanshan saw that there was no way to know the monkey,Excited is almost called。
Li Huihe heard Han Shanshan’s happy voice,Also hurry。
When he saw the so-called monkey,Can’t help but somewhat speechless:“That is already changed.,There is only one skin left now.。”
I am clearly watching.,You gave me down and see。”
Li Hui Feng saw Han Shanshan’s stubborn eyes,Some helplessly nodded。
Then just jump directly,Just gave Han Shanshan with the skin of the monkey.。
Seeing really just a skin,Han Shanshan also feels some disappointment。
But how much is it to give her some motivation。
Li Hui Hui fell to her a wooden stick.。
“Continue now,When we just came in,Those trees are definitely being caught,As long as we walk by,The more you definitely catch。”
Although I know this is the discourse of Li Hui’s comfort,But Han Shanshan nodded。
I don’t know if Li Hui Feng said is the reason for the truth.,Han Shanshan quickly caught one。
Listening to Han Shanshan’s happy voice,Li Hui Feng is also some speechless。
But there is also a little envious,A little known monkey can make Han Shanshan satisfied。
Next,Han Shanshan caught more,I have even think of staying away from Li.,Going more deep woods。
Li Hui Feng also caught a lot,After all, his vision is much better than Han Shanshan.。
Just when he thought about Han Shanshan,The ringtone of the ringtone is ringing.。
See call display,Li Hui said hesitated and took it.。
“Scull,Are you here??”
I heard Li Hui Feng Xiangxiang.,Zhao Xiaoli also laughed。
“Do you say??
Where are you now?
I have been in the woods with Xiaoling.。”
“Forehead,I just just came in.,Just coming in east。”
Have this answer,Zhao Xiaoli also understands。
“Row,You are waiting for us,We will come over and find you.。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli hangs directly to the phone.。