Smart cabinet garbage tank debut Tianjin Port Bonded Area turned into treasure, points reward

Smart cabinet garbage box debut Tianjin Port Bonded Area "Is this a newly installed express cabinet?" Ms. Zhang, who lives in Tianjin Port Bonded Area, has just got off work, is attracted by a newly added blue cabinet added in the community.

The "express cabinet" in the eyes of the residents is actually a smart cabinet trash box of the Tianjin Port Bonded Area Management Committee recently installed in the airport region.

In the residential community, it is intelligent, high, high, high-performance smart cabinet trash, aimed at cultivating the habit of conscious garbage classification of community residents. "The biggest highlight of the smart cabinet trash is in the brush face or scan code out of the box to put the recyclable, automatically weigh the corresponding points reward." The Bonded Area Community Office Gao Peng explained, "smart cabinet trash can have fabric, paper, Metal, glass, plastic and bottle of these six kinds of degradation ports and are equipped with a harmful garbage deposit box with a red cabinet.

One points of integral exchange is erected next to each planting box, which exhibits a variety of daily necessities such as garbage bags and paper towels. "Last week, Tianjin Port Bonded Area Airport area began to implement smart cabinet trash can, the first pilot is located in Ocean, Vanke, Famous, Fortewood, Survey, covering 7 thousand residents. Trial operation only one week, The smart cabinet trash can recover 286 kg renewable raw materials. Use these "garbage" to produce 112 kg good paper, 11 kg of gasoline, molt steel, etc.

"Trash can ‘load’ into the ‘grid", the environment is clean.

A swift card, ‘window’ automatically open, no longer use yours ‘hands’, throwing garbage more convenient. "Ms. Zhang personally experienced the smart cabinet garbage box," "must praise high-tech points, garbage sorting can also accumulate goods, convenient and affordable, it is really too powerful. "Although the pilot time is not long, the community residents who have used the smart cabinet garbage box expressed satisfaction, the smell in the air is less, the garbage is convenient, the environment is clean." The points system also mobilized the garbage. The enthusiasm.

"The community staff said that smart garbage cabinets have special people, the sealing is also better, more sanitive than traditional trash can.

Since December 1, Tianjin will officially implement the "Regulations on the Management of Turanana City," Treatment of Garbage, one step in the bonded area, based on the promotion of smart cabinet trash, with a visible incentive mechanism And convenient and fast delivery services to mobilize residents to participate in the enthusiasm of garbage sorting.

Smart cabinet trash can compared to traditional trash cans, information collection, traceable and controlled garbage flow, can statistically participate in the participation rate.

The subsequent community can increase publicity and education for residents who do not participate in garbage sorting, so that the garbage sorting of residents has changed from "I want me to divide" to "I want to divide", and strive to fall in the promotion.

The intelligent classification equipment used by the airport community has changed the drawbacks of a large number of human investment solvent classification, automatically analyzing data in real time, enhances the effectiveness and accuracy of supervision, and can put more power into classification guidance, can also be used Analyze residential consumption habits, observe the market quotes of different categories of goods, produce value outside the garbage classification, provide large data reference for building "wasteful cities", "smart city", to promote high-level construction Yermate Idential ecology Vibrant New Town.

(Zhang Jingqi) (Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Tao Jian).