Autonomous Region Procuratorate held "Shuxiang Procuratorate Reading Dream"

Lang read at the scene. On April 23, the "World Studies Day" arrived, the autonomous regional procuratorate held a "books in the book" Reading. The hospital procuratorial police tightly the party history of learning education theme, combined with learning work and life, with a recital form of love. The party group of the Autonomous Region Procuratorate, the deputy director of Lan Zhi, the party group of the Autonomous Region Procuratorate, Director of the Political Department, and Chen Jiesie, Party Secretary of the Organs, attended the event.

Representative of the National People’s Congress, Deng Guifang, the head of the Nursing Department of Xiaowei Town, Qinbei District, Qinzhou City, the representative of the National People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region, the original Director of the Nanning Social Sciences Research and Management, etc. Lang reading with "I am proud, I am a new era" "Who is the most lovely person" "" Party flag is 颂 ", the reader is full of emotions, driving the scene of the audience to look at the history of the party, enthusiasm The glorious performance, praising the party’s glorious tradition. A recitation, just like a vivid party history class, stimulating all party members’ enthusiasm.

It is said that it is necessary to resolutely implement the party’s decision-making deployment to the various procuratorial work, celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with practical actions and excellent results. Lang reading is ready, rich in content, diverse form, showing a good site effect, read the style of the new era. A total of more than 70 parties of the party members of the Autonomous Region Procuratorate. (Tan Xiao Chun Yellow Bend) (Editor: Zhou Yule, Pang Guanhua).