China Air Show: Showing innovation results highlight confident open

[] From September 28th to October 3, 2021 China International Aerospace Expo (hereinafter referred to as "China Air Show") was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong. This session attracted the exhibition of 700 companies in nearly 40 countries and regions underline online, showing a series of military civil aerospace products, the latest outdictions, and a large number of cutting-edge ship sea space and electronic technology and products, highlight China The unremitting pursuits and achievements of aerospace dreams are delivered to the determination of opening up.

  The autonomy of the core technology has flipped in the air, and the time climbed, and the audience broke out in the audience.

These star planes include 歼 -20 equipped with domestic engines, including large-scale water and land two-purpose aircraft AG600, Winglong-2 large-scale drone aircraft and other civil models, "China’s autonomous research and development" is their common keywords. The first day of the Air Show, the "Wing Dragon" realized a large-scale drone for the first time in the International Air Show. "The" Wing Dragon "drone has been developed for 15 years, and the wings have been full of enthusiasm for the national people’s livelihood, carrying out emergency rescue protection, meteorological monitoring, artificial precalation and other tasks." Zhonghang (Chengdu) UAV System Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Li Yidong, a series of unmanned designers, "Wing Dragon" series, said, "The" Frarsery ‘family continues to grow from the development of national development, support from China’s complete aviation industrial system, the confidence from China’s autonomous technology. "According to Li Yidong Introduction, the "National Team" of the China Aviation Industry Group has once successfully released the "Wing Dragon", ensuring that it successfully fly to the Henan storm disaster area to become the air communication base station, leaping Gansu Qilian Mountain, "Gan Lin", from Guizhou Anshun across the three provinces arrived in Sichuan Mi to complete China’s first large-scale drone emergency communication drill. At this air show, China Aviation (Chengdu) UAV System Co., Ltd. gave all members of the Winglong drone family participating – Wing Dragon-1, Wing Dragon-1D, Wing Dragon-2, etc., and in these platforms A variety of improvements and development models.

After a long battle tested, pterosaurs has formed a Chinese high-end brands UAV has an international reputation. It represents not only an excellent performance during a flight altitude long endurance platforms, able to adapt to a remote, complex environment, also has to undertake emergency communication support, meteorological, weather and other capabilities in key areas of people’s livelihood mission.

Looking to the future, pterosaur UAV series will continue to explore innovative application scenarios around the platform, applications, intelligent, ongoing technological innovation synergies in four areas to further enrich the Chinese UAV pedigree, enhance China’s high-end UAV market Competitiveness.

  China Aviation Industry Group assistant general manager, spokesman Zhou Guoqiang, said: "With the advances in aviation technology and industrial development system, various functions of the UAV system is also fast innovation evolution, thereby forming an important core areas of aviation equipment and systems the direction in which the civilian areas, UAS has penetrated into many application scenarios in different industries, is pregnant with large-scale industrial application and industrialization, will be the most dynamic growth area for the future of the world’s aviation industry. "and World share opportunities of high-tech, aviation and aerospace industry to develop high-value, not only demonstrates the powerful Chinese technology and manufacturing, also forming a long chain of manufacturing, will be linked to the manufacturer around the world. Airshow China is a global company with Chinese cooperation and deep integration platform.

China is an open air space powers, is the world’s second largest civil aviation market, in the "post-epidemic" Time has broad prospects for development.

  "With the opening up, China has become a big market. Boeing is confident to open up the market in China." Boeing China President Xie Lijia said, "We remain concerned about the investment opportunities in China, hoping to bring a new experience for customers . "Boeing and Chinese partners in the air show announced that it will add two new production lines in Guangzhou, the passenger cargo aircraft instead.

The program will increase the capacity of 767-300 Boeing Converted Freighter to help meet strong market demand. Airbus Helicopters and National Grid Universal Airlines signed a strategic cooperation agreements and contracts, in order to enhance its ability to provide support and services in China through more localized solutions.

In July, Airbus in Tianjin investment in building wide-body aircraft A350 project completion and delivery center has just been operational since the delivery of this latest generation A350 passenger aircraft.

  Xu Gang, CEO of Airbus China, said: "China is a very important market for Airbus, Airbus is currently about 20% of the final delivery of civil aircraft in China, we have full confidence in China’s development." Airbus achieved in China supply chain, complete closed-loop industrial chain, has brought more advantages for the cost and production efficiency. At present, the production of Airbus A320 aircraft in China for all of the wing has been achieved from raw materials to parts, components, and then to system installation, localized delivery of the whole process. "This is a win-win cooperation.

"" I like to bring the vitality of the air show, and also brought innovative and valuable products, including Internet solutions and green aircraft aviation technology.

We are also on the air show signing new contracts with customers and partners.

"China and president of Honeywell Aerospace, Asia Pacific Lin Shiwei said that China is Honeywell’s second-largest market in the world Lin Shiwei said:." China continues to expand economic openness and dynamism of this country will give us the confidence to stick and expand over the past few decades cooperation with China, and will certainly continue cultivating the Chinese market, and China and joint development.

"Fly bigger dream in the minds of the Chinese people, flying is the eternal dream.

  With China’s ongoing space exploration, and the development of aviation, the dream of flying now has been gradually into reality.

The contemporary Chinese people, bigger dreams have been bred.

  In the exhibition hall, booth China National Space Administration of the front row in a long queue.

Chang-e V return capsule, lunar soil and lunar soil container attracts thousands of visitors a day come to visit. "This has become a ‘red network’ punch point, almost every day we did not stop to explain too. Children and young people are looking forward to see what in the end there is the moon." One commentator said. To Mars is an important step in China’s space dreams. May 22 this year, China’s first car rover "Vulcan" was successfully landed on the Martian surface, marking China has become the second country after the United States rovers. Deputy director of the China National Space Administration SECOND NORTHWEST said that over the past five years, China implemented a total of 152 space launches, 341 spacecraft into space, the rocket sent the number of ranked second in the world, has with 14 countries and two international organizations aerospace signed 44 documents on cooperation with Russia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Pakistan and other countries in lunar exploration, Mars and deep space probe launched various aspects of cooperation. "Exploration of the universe, the universe develop better benefit of mankind is our dream, to realize this dream, can not do without persistent efforts, as well as cooperation with other countries.


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