Afternoon Mingbo City: Any risks and opportunities after 3000?

Afternoon Mingbo City: Any risks and opportunities after 3000?

Sina Finance News Sina Finance News February 21 news, the three major indexes opened mixed, after the opening, the creation index quickly surged more than 1%, the Shenzhen Component Index also strengthened, the Shanghai Index performed weaker.

On the disk, the brokerage sector surged and fell, and quantum communications rose sharply.

The market closed earlier in the morning, and the index rose by more than 2%. Overall, the stocks of the two cities rose more and less, and the profit effect was acceptable.

At the close of the morning, the Shanghai Composite Index was quoted at 3044.

11 points, up 0.

46%; Shenzhen Component Index reported 11682.

54 points, up 1.

51%; 2nd Index was 2238.

43 points, up 2.


  Naughty Tianzun: Risk control puts the first phase of the current large-scale periodic risk of the market, may not be large; but the risk of the daily line level is already very large, the previous high point resonance of the timeline, the worst resonance back stepping, A total of about 20 or more, but the high point of the time-line resonance started yesterday afternoon, there is no reasonable step back 杭州桑拿 digestion for the time being, investors prevent and prevent the accumulation of risk in this case, so at present, risk control is the firstBit of it!

  Gold Picker: In the afternoon, wait patiently for the performance of the morning market to pass. Will the market continue to run upwards in the afternoon?

From the analysis of the performance of the early morning market, the afternoon market will definitely rise. From the middle line, we will still focus on the Internet sector and the winemaking sector. These are the areas that investors can pay attention to in the afternoon. The small sector has measures to pick up in early trading.The military industry sector also has a stable scale. There are still many opportunities for short-term operations. Do n’t overweight positions, just add them in batches.

  Guo Yiming: Are there any risks 杭州夜网论坛 and opportunities after 3000 points?

  Risk of market style change.

Although the style will not easily change, and after all the strong will be strong, but the configuration still needs to pay attention to the stage.

The strongest non-tech stocks in this round are, but many tech stocks have “flyed to the sky” and their short stay is not very strong anymore.

But at the same time, blue-chip stocks, including securities, are still on the rise and are not hampering proper conversion.

  Stock sea lighthouse: Shock warehouse washing after shocking the 233-week moving average. From the analysis of technical indicators alone, the MACD indicator on the Shanghai stock market daily chart has a red column growth and two indicator lines opening upwards, showing the corresponding level of rebound and impulse energy.; The stock index that broke the 144-week moving average (3016 points) has the desire to impact the 233-week moving average (3066 points) in accordance with the principle of “report system”.

Therefore, I believe that the large-cap stock index has not rebounded to the intra-day shock before the 233-week moving average (3066 points), so there is no need to be nervous. However, after the stock index touches the 233-week moving average, it will be pulled up and raised short-term high.Shock wash dishes.