“I don’t know how to evaluate you,remarkably brave?Overweight?Still arrogant?”

“How long has the Three Realms existed?How long have Heaven and Buddhism existed again?How much time did you practice?Do you understand the principle of thinking twice before acting?”
Monkey King looked at the Qitian Great Sage who seemed to be completely broken by the powerful strength of the Lord of Buddhism, Tathagata.,Have a sip of monkey wine,Said in a leisurely tone。
once Upon a time,He is so ignorant,arrogant,Unfortunately,Tathagata’s palm,Sober him completely。
but,He has been suppressed for five hundred years and has not been mad,Because of the power of hatred,Has been supporting him to continue to live,He wants revenge,He wants to kill all Buddhist disciples,He wants to kill the Lord of Buddhism Tathagata。
And he in this world,But not as paranoid as him,Looks completely irresistible,Right,He is not the master of the Monkey King Monster Race,How could the monkey king of this world compare to him??
“Are you coming to see my joke?Then you can just watch,Monkey King?After all, it’s just an impulse,Be suppressed here,Life is better than death,It’s a lesson of arrogance。”
After Sun Monkey heard the words of the short man in white,Said helplessly,He doesn’t know what else he can do at the moment?It’s good to wait for the day of fall under Wuzhi Mountain like this。
Their demons,It is destined to be killed by the gods of the heaven and the Buddhist disciples at will,if it is possible,Monkey Sun would never choose to go to Heaven。
He will practice to be confident that he can face the Lord of Heaven and the Lord of Buddhism Tathagata,Lead the demons and go to heaven again,Unfortunately,all,After all, it is irretrievable。
Sun Monkey thought of this,Looking at the monkey wine in front of me,Recalling the people who were still waiting for him in Huaguoshan,A touch of sadness flashed in my eyes,He is most ashamed of,People who trust him。
“Sun Monkey,I think you still don’t look,I put the pot of monkey wine in front of you,I didn’t want you to drink,Because I only have two pots of monkey wine,If you finish drinking, there is no next pot for you to drink。”
“I just think,Instead of letting you drink this pot of monkey wine,Then I was suppressed here to recall the taste of monkey wine,It’s better to keep smelling the smell of monkey wine。”