Loneliness is strong because of you,Can’t make it through the long midnight

The end of the world can’t stop thinking,Yearning for him to see each other again
I want you to hear,Love wants you to see
I’m not afraid to admit how attached I am to you
while missing you,I hope you can receive my sincere message
The fat man sang very emotionally,Very focused,Also very serious,This song of Tai Zhengxiao《I want you to hear》,He sang the affectionate section,Very nice。
Although this song is not the one just now《A laugh》So blast the audience,But it wins in a soft and natural voice,Also have a special flavor。
And at the moment,He is the focus of the audience,The only focus。
Countless eyes fell on him,Looking at the huge body that holds the suit to the full,Mixed feelings。
Many boys listened to his singing,But became silent。
At first they might want to laugh at this overweight fat man,But when they found,This fat man has much more courage than them,Dare to sing your heart on this occasion,This is not something anyone can do。
At least he dared to bear all the consequences,Just to sing the love for a certain girl,This is much braver than many people。
Even the teachers sitting in the front row,It seems that the fat man’s singing evokes fond memories and regrets of his youth,I forgot to stop him from singing。
This literary performance in 1998,Should be remembered by the teachers and students of Liufang No. 1 Middle School for a long time,long time。