Of course Yangliu can hear what grandma means,If it wasn’t for Grandpa to treat yourself well,She won’t look at people’s faces。

Stand up immediately,Salute to grandpa,The smile that didn’t reach the bottom of my eyes kept hanging on my face,“grandfather,I want to go back,Mom is still waiting for me to cut the cake at home。”
The old man has ears and eyes,Everyone’s speech and behavior are in sight,I am also dissatisfied with my wife。
Lu Yao’s words are too polite,Makes him very unhappy,But I also know that she is not happy here,As long as she is willing to come,Relationship can be repaired slowly,Not in a hurry。
Beckoning Lu Liang to send her back,Yangliu did not refuse on the spot,Go out after Lu Liang。
The elevator door opened,She was the first to enter,Stand at the door and block the elevator door,“Master Lu, please stay,I can go down by myself。”
Lu Liang knew she didn’t like herself,No matter how he actively seeks peace,The damage that has been caused cannot be compensated,But they are blood relatives passed down in the same line,This kind of damage can’t go on。
“Lu Yao,Do you have to do this?”
Yangliu puts away a gentle smile,Chin lifted slightly,The indifference in the eyes is exactly the same as Huo Yunhe,“You and I are not the same,It’s better to go separately。Hey,what are you doing?let me go,let me go.”
Huo Yunhe and his family just got out of the elevator,I was greeted warmly by Lu Xin,Turn head accidentally,Saw Yangliu and a man entering the elevator。
Why is she here?
Doubts in my heart,Take a look at the elevator numbers,Turned and walked into another elevator,Make everyone inexplicable。
To the first floor,He looks around,Did not see a familiar figure,I walked into the elevator with her feet behind her feet,For a while,Where did people go?
Grandpa Lu’s birthday,I invite people with faces and faces,Yangliu’s family is not very good,There should be no chance to come to this kind of occasion?
When I invited her to attend the birthday banquet,She said something happened today,To be with mom at home,Can’t come out。
But that figure is obviously willow,His own girlfriend,Won’t admit it。
Where did she go?and also,Who is that man?
A quick glance,Seems to see the man holding her shoulders,Very intimate,It’s not quite right。