The little girl almost didn’t cry,Even if you don’t buy it yourself,Broke her business,so bad。

These necklaces,All made by her grandma herself,She is responsible for selling to tourists,A bunch of twenty dollars。Difficulties at home,no way,Make a living at a young age。
“Hey!You’re a bit too much。”suddenly,Behind him came the voice of a hot woman。
Hu Yang and others looked back,Is a seventeen or eighteen year old girl,Talking with akimbo,Annoyed。
“Why is it too much?”Hu Yang asked with interest。
“Don’t buy it yourself,What fake?Twenty yuan a piece,You still want real pearls?”The girl angrily accused。
Little sister who sells things,From their village,Dad got a hemiplegia,Lying in bed,A waste,Mom can’t bear to run away,There is only an old grandma and a little girl left in the house to move。
Do this craft to make tourists money,Or the village’s suggestion,Everyone in the village gave up this business to their family。sometimes,Even help lobby tourists,Take care of business。
Hu Yang smiled:“Really,A bunch of more than ten dollars,How much do you want?I will help you find。”
He didn’t lie,Cultured pearls are flooding,Not worth at all,A bunch of more than ten dollars are in many places of origin,But the quality is relatively poor,After all, you get what you pay for,have nothing to say。
in fact,Populus euphratica has no hatred of peddling things in tourist areas,Everyone eats for a few bites,not easy。But he does not recommend using inferior goods to sell,Even cheap,But it’s useless for tourists to buy it!
and,Many people go out to play,Just to be in a good mood。After going back,I found that I spent money to buy things that were not as good as the stalls,I feel bad suddenly。
This time, the girl was surprised,Real pearls are more than ten dollars?
real or fake?
“is that a lie?”The girl hesitated。