It’s not because of the blessing of Shenfan Academy,Runyu City will die on the spot。

They want to start a war against Runyu City in advance,Just let go,Armies of several small countries,Even if the number is huge,Zhu Minglang may not put them in his eyes。
“Why are you laughing!”The manly man in peacock clothes。
“Now that I know I’m Zhu Minglang,Don’t use the orderer。So you don’t have to make a roundabout,Explain directly the purpose of your Shenfan Academy today。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Ha ha,Also good。First of all,Our Shenfan Academy will not bless you,We do not allow Runyu City to belong to a country of inferior people。Secondly,The seal of the city lord belongs to our Shenfan Academy,If you pay two million tributes every month,We can allow you to be the managers of this city、ruler。”Said the man in peacock clothes。
Two million gold??
Hu Chongming and Hu Bailing are stupid。
In this world,Some people tax the ruler??
The forces in charge generally only occupy some of the resources they need,There has never been a tax on the ruler!
How does it feel,Shenfan Academy is the biggest evil force shrouded in Runyu City!
“If you don’t want to protect Runyu City,We will change our forces。Then from now on,The spiritual land on the land of Runyu City、Lingshan、We will take back the spiritual veins,If your Shenfan Academy set foot again,Don’t blame me for treating you as bandits!”Zhu Minglang said。
“funny,The spirit veins on this land,This is our Shenfan Academy,Also recovered?”
“Runyu City is mine,One plant and one tree on the land of Runyu City,A bird and a beast,All mine,Not to mention spiritual veins,Thank you so much for coming all the way to give me these gifts,Nothing else,You can get out,I have to think about it,The next power in Runyu City……”