Two people agree,But just in case,Shi Mu Luo is still in the back seat,Once the opponent takes the lead,They won’t be caught off guard。

however,It’s night now,There are no lighting facilities at the location,As long as the two are going to leave,You have to turn on the lights,This will undoubtedly reveal the location,But at the moment I can’t think of a better solution。
really,The other party chased after the light,Different from the person in the previous car,The other party doesn’t seem to plan to go in circles,The purpose is clear to put Yu Zhe and Shi Mu to death。
The distance between the two cars is still 300 meters,Just when Shi Muluo planned to observe the opponent’s actions before deciding whether to shoot,The opponent seems to have decided on the attack method,Also set up a sniper rifle,With gunshot,A bullet flew towards them。
Yu Zhe knew that the two cars were too far apart,The opponent must be a sniper rifle attack,So the moment I heard the gunshot,Turn the steering wheel quickly,Intend to avoid。
The bullet hit the rear light of the car。
And actually,Yu Zhe’s avoidance didn’t work,The bullet speed is greater than the speed of sound,He was actually hit by a bullet when he heard it。
“cut,this one?”Shi Muluo showed a trace of contempt,Although it is relatively dark now,The road is uneven and the car is bumpy,But the bullet fired by the opponent can be crooked like this,It is enough to show that the person who fired the gun is poor。
But since the opponent is already“Courtesy”Up,She must also“contacts”Just work。
Adjust breathing,focus,After breaking the tire and shooting directly at the driver’s seat, he briefly hesitated for half a second,She finally chose the latter,
Although she cannot pinpoint the position of the opposing driver’s head,But at least it can hurt,Also forced to stop the vehicle,Now doing this can directly weaken the opponent’s combat effectiveness,With any luck,Direct combat power minus one。
With the gunshot,A hole was immediately punched in the windshield of the opponent’s car,The blood splashed directly on the cracks in the glass,Must have hit。
And look at the trajectory of the car suddenly off the road,Mostly killed directly,But there must be others,So the car has been struggling to get back on track,Unfortunately, it failed in the end,Head to the side of the road。
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