Practice the initial mission reflects the responsibility to take the People’s Network 2020 game responsibility forum

Since this year, it has different effects on the epidemic in the past this year. The game industry has increased significantly during the epidemic, and the data shows that the actual sales income of the game industry is reached by 100 million yuan, the increase of% increased in the past three years.most.

The game is not only the idleness of home isolation, but also plays a role in relieving emotions, popularizing knowledge, and enhances understanding.

Many gaming companies donated money to donate their money in the first time, showing the determination and as a whole time.

However, it should also be seen that there is an important existence of lack of insufficient civilian capacity in the industry, the lack of cultural connotation, value-oriented deviation, social responsibility is not implemented, and it is necessary to solve.

Zhao Yunxia, ??deputy director of the 15th Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, said in the speech in the forum, in recent years, my country’s online games have developed rapidly, especially during the epidemic, online games play a positive role in promoting epidemic information, alleviating people’s nervous emotions. . However, when the online game industry is good, the problem of illegal crimes such as adolescents, online gambling, etc. are still highly concerned by the social and media, in response to the healthy development of online games, Zhao Yunxia suggests, to prevent online crimes, strengthen network security promotion, Strengthen the consciousness, create a health network environment, and improve legal awareness and protect citizen personal information security. "The ecological environment in the industry needs all parties to work together. I hope that each company can correctly handle the relationship between development and security, innovation and inheritance, and constantly enhance legal awareness and actively bear social responsibility.

Zhao Yunxia said.

Tang Jiajun, deputy secretary general and the Secretary-General of the Chinese Soundtrack, said in the speech that the game industry as an important part of the cultural content industry, must always put social benefits, social responsibility in the first place, can not be averaged pursuit of market effects and economic interests . In addition, Tang Jiajun also said that the Game Work Committee as a full-time work organization in the game industry, to give full play to the bridge of communication between government and enterprises, to adhere to the socialist core values, actively guided and calling on companies to consciously undertake social responsibility, and effectively enhanced Enterprise responsibility and mission.

During the forum, the People’s Network released the "2019-2020 Game Corporate Social Responsibility Report", it is worth mentioning that the People’s Network has built a special topic group, and the domestic 50 main flow gaming enterprises are assessing, comprehensively consolidate the volume and social responsibility of the game enterprise. The match between the match is to objectively reflect the initiative and effectiveness of the company to fulfill social responsibility.

In the construction of the report indicator system, the five major indicators are introduced, namely: economic contribution, social contribution, industry contribution, cultural contribution, and technology contribution.

The analysis data of the People’s Daily Daily data system is based on the basic basis, combining the social responsibility report and publicly released business data provided by the enterprise, and gives a basic score for the participating enterprises. In the end, the 200-2020 China Game Corporate Social Responsibility 20, including: Tencent, Netease, Sanqi Interchange, Perfect World, Century Huatong, Tribun Network, Danyi Network, Network Dragon, 哩 哩, Jinshan Software, Creation World, 4399, Middle-hand Tour, Le Element, Trunte Network, Changyou, Giibi, Pochemia, Soldier Network, Giant Network. Luohua, the general editor of the People’s Network, said that online games are the perfect combination of digital technology and data technology, full, holography, full-time transmission characteristics, is a typical representative of content technology.

The people’s network is willing to play with the game enterprises, with the dissemination of the national key laboratory, and to explore the use of scientific and technological means, enrich the content and display, jointly planning the integration of content technology and game industries, and jointly promote the benign development of the game industry.

"In the implementation of social responsibility, the game companies are wide. People’s network is willing to build a platform for this, actively participate in cooperation.

Discover the potential value of the game industry, look forward to the better future of Chinese games. Luohua said.

In the primary speech, the vice president of Tencent Games Zhang Wei, Wu Xinxin, Vice President, Netease Game Market, Wang Yangong, Vice President of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, Perfect World Holding Group Party Committee Secretary, Wang Qingping, Yan Yi Network Party Committee Secretary, Cold Xiaojing, Ohayo China Business The person in charge of Li Kaixuan conducted a chair of the "Practice of the Mission of Practicing the Mission, Reflecting Responsibility".

In the subsequent round table discussion, the Secretary-General of the China Soundtrack and the Secretary General of the Game Work Committee, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Law School of the Central University for Nationalities, Wang Wei, Vice President of the Group, and the vice president of Le Yuan, China Sun Jiashan, the Director of the Way of the Art Research Institute, the director of the Beijing Normal University, the vice president of Beijing Normal University, Vice President, Vice President, Shengxiang, Senior Vice President, Yan Xi Continent, etc. Implementation and "From Traditional To Innovation" two themes to expand the round table dialogue, regular business social responsibility and sustainable development of the game industry. As an important ideological and cultural position, the game industry should effectively implement the central requirements, better show mainstream value, effectively enhance the sense of cultural responsibility, mission, and better meet the beautiful life needs of the people. As a leader of the central key news website, the draft of the content technology, the People’s Network continued to pay attention to the development of the game industry for many years, and willing to work with the community, to give full advantage of their own advantages, to help industry supply side reform, and empower industries health or orderly developing. 2020 is a comprehensive well-off, and the year of the end of the decisive battle. The game industry can bring intuitive economic benefits, or use their cultural attributes and technology attributes play a positive role in poverty alleviation.

After the "Round Table Forum", "Game Poverty Alleviation and Country Revitalization Public Welfare Action" was officially launched. People’s Daily, China Tone, Tour Totto Work Committee, Dream Education, Tencent Games, Netease Games, Sanqi Interchange, Perfect World, Meeting , The representatives of the four three nine-nine nine, Jieshan network, network dragon, tourist, and other companies participated in the launching ceremony. Next, the People’s Network will rely on the basic research, technical support and scene application of three levels of content science and technology system. In the content of the original, content operation, content wind control, content polymerization, etc., with partners to help rural revitalization .

It is reported that the first "Game Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization Public Welfare Action" will be with the public welcoming of the way, providing psychological counseling for young people, helping them find the direction and goals of life struggle. (Editor -: Hu Yu, Li Wei) Sharing let more people see.