The motherland remembered the donation of peacekeepers

  Xinhua News Agency, September 18th, September 18: The motherland remembered the DPRical sacrifice of peacekeeping soldiers, Wang Jianfei’s 75th anniversary of the World Anti-French War and the World Anti-Fats War, the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, the Chinese government released the United Nations The three-year-old white paper, which fully demonstrates the outstanding contribution of the Chinese Army to the United Nations peacekeeping operations, and the special list records 16 officers and men who sacrifice the Chinese army in the United Nations peacekeeping operations. This is both China firmly supports the solemn declaration of the United Nations peacekeeping industry, maintaining world peace, and is also a solemn commemorative and praise of the country’s dedication to peacekeepers. The DPRC’s dedication sacrificed the Chinese army to maintain the world peace, and serve the eternal monument to build a human fate community. China is an important force to maintain world peace. Since 1990, the Chinese army dispatched military observer to the United Nations Action, and began to participate in United Nations peacekeeping actions, actively practice the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, actively practice the concept of human fate and earnestly fulfilled the mission of the United Nations. Task. Chinese soldiers have flying in the war and conflict in harsh environments, and in danger reconstruction, in order to promote world peace and development, the service constructs a prominent contribution of human fate community.

  The dedication of peacekeepers practiced the Chinese army to fulfill its great revival, and support the sacred mission of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In today’s world, the development of science and technology has continued to accelerate, and the demand for cooperation has continued to increase. The exchanges of countries have never been deeper today, and their future destiny has never been close to it. China will organically unify its own interests and international responsibility. At present, China has become the second largest and arbitrary and contributor of the United Nations. The Dedication of the peacekeeper highlights the Chinese army loyalty and fearless, and fulfilled their duties, and will be willing to dedicate.

The Chinese army participated in the 30 years of the United Nations peacekeeping operations. It is 30 years of the Chinese army to perform peacekeeping mission, and the Chinese army show the world to show the image of the "Peace of Peace, the teacher of the Justice, the civilization" image of the Chinese army.

In the past 30 years, the Chinese army sent a batch of outstanding officers and soldiers to go out of the country, to the world, and devoted them to the United Nations peacekeeping action. The Chinese peacekeeping troops have emerged with the heroes represented by Shen Liang, Du Zhaoyu, and they dedicate blood and life to the United Nations peacekeeping career, and are highly evaluated by United Nations officials and mission districts and people.

  The world is not peaceful, peacekeeping tasks; China’s long-term peace, soldiers have more sacrifices. China has always adhered to the path of peace and development, and the Chinese army always prepares to defend peace.

In realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the great course of building the human fate community, the dedication and sacrifice of China’s peacekeeping soldiers will be remembered by the state and the people, and their names are always mistaken, and their achievements will never be found.