Chengdu Accelerates Rail Camp City to help the rise of the big city

  On December 18, 2020, Chengdu Rail Transit 6, 8, 9, 17, and 11, the initial operation was opened.

From the 2005 Rail Transit Line 1 start construction, to 13 rail transit lines, 558 kilometers high standards, Chengdu use 15 years, high-efficiency realizes the historical leap of the single line to the woven network, Become a "fourth city" of domestic urban rail transit. Adhere to planning priority to build the world city line network pattern Chengdu insisted on the implementation of the city’s concept of the city’s development pattern, fully consulted the urban general planning, integrated transportation system planning and industrial planning, and prepared the 2035 urban rail transit line long-term plan 36 Article 1666 km urban rail transit network planning (subway 1389 km, 277 kilometers of urban railway), scientific and accurate completion of "three iron fusion", realize the accurate matching of wire network construction and urban development, quantification to propose green traffic travel structure model of central urban area, focus Construct 80 km / h to 160 km / h / hour multi-level rail transit network and 30 minutes track traffic outline. Pay close attention to the scientific innovation to create a quality boutique construction project Chengdu rail transportation construction intensity ranked first in the country for four consecutive years, opening the first international high international automation level (GOA4) automatic line in the central and western regions, creating 5G subway lines, urban rail transit The line exceeded 400 kilometers and the operation mileage exceeded 500 kilometers. Chengdu speed created a miracle, laid the track line grid matching with the world city.

  Chengdu Rail Transportation Construction has explored more than 100 standard standards and advanced methods such as refrigeration and reinforcement cutting, and the high gas super long dark tunnel construction risks, and overcome high-rich water-sand-skinned Summarize a group of valuable "Chengdu experience"; Chengdu Rail Transit Group has won China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award, China Construction Engineering Decoration Award, China Installation Project Quality Award, Sichuan Civil Engineering "Li Bing Award" for dozens of industries The award, nearly 40 projects were rated as Quality Demonstration Project in Sichuan Province and Chengdu.

  Deepening Quality Services Wipe the Expressway, Chengdu Rail Transit No. 1 has been opened, and the accumulated delivery passengers exceed 6 billion times, more than 4 million average passenger traffic, the highest passenger traffic of the single day, the public transportation points The rate exceeds 50%.

The network train running graph cash rate is 100%, the network train number rate, the peak period, the minimum bicycle interval to 2 minutes, the rail transit index, the efficiency index, the service index, and the security operation index have long been in front of the country. Realize the transfer, security and mutual trust, and vigorously promote the "Quality Improvement Action", and further polish the "Chengdu Metro" city business card; put the operational service needs throughout the civil construction, equipment selection, system construction, and joint test To form a "Chengdu model" of rail transit integrated joint adjustment and trial operation organization. Building Production City Model Building TOD World Highland Rail Transit Change Urban Development Pattern, TOD (Using Public Transport – oriented Development) Remove City Space Form. Chengdu strives to promote the rail line network and the landing of land synchronization planning, co-ordination construction, unified operation management, and become a high-level substantive scale into the city of TOD integrated.

This year, Chengdu Rail Tod "second half article" highlights frequent: Hand in hand Wal-Mart, create retail chain new species; hold hands in hand, grab the new opportunities of the financial business circle; hold in Huning Holdings, provide new model of industrial ecology.

At the same time, the demonstration project is also frequent, Lu Xiao Station TOD has successfully obtained the relevant pre-sale permit, officially launched, and made an in-depth exploration and vivid practice for Chengdu Painting TOD domain blueprint.

  Industrial industry leads to cultivating rail industry economy circles to achieve high quality and sustainable development of rail transit, adhere to the development model of "track + property + industry", focus on development of traffic economy, innovate consumer scene, deep excavation rail traffic big line economy Potential and added value.

Tighten the development direction of the rail transit industry, speed up the construction of industrial collaboration system. Pay close attention to the rail economy, industrial upgrading, new technology, new applications and other field investment project reserves.

Focusing on the high-quality skills of urban rail transit industry, listing the establishment of rail transit colleges, branding promotes technical education, vocational training, skill appraisal, etc., providing strong talent guarantees and reserves for Chengdu Metro. I’m in the power, go to the open. Enter a new stage of networking multi-wood operations, looking forward to the "14th Five-Year Plan" Integrated operators, struggle to write a new chapter of the high-quality sustainable development of rail transit, in order to promote the rapid integration of the double city economy in Chengdu, accelerate the construction of the new development concept, and realize the new era "three steps" Take the "Strategic Target Contribution Rail Transportation". Source: Chengdu Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd.