But at this moment,Liu Niuer is in trouble。

This South Korean special force should have a certain skill in identifying who is taking secret medicine,They can easily distinguish ordinary people from occult drug users in the crowd。
and so,A team of military police in black uniforms silently surrounded Liu Niu’er,They aimed their electric shock at Liu Niu’er,As long as the other party has a slight intent to resist,Shot on the spot immediately。
Liu Niu’er frowned,He has experienced countless winds and waves in his life,But it’s not as tricky as today。
Facing these military police, who are obviously representing the state apparatus,It’s on other people’s turf again,Even if he is Liu Niu’er
Has great ability,Also have to weigh。
And Boss Lu just turned out the secret medicine group,Announced to the world about the secret medicine group,If I make trouble at this time,,Isn’t it a face slap in public??
Precisely because of many concerns,So Liu Niu’er didn’t resist,But showed a helpless wry smile。
“Lao Liu,come here!”at this time,Lu Menglin’s voice came from the center of the broken stage.。
His voice is not loud,But people around you can hear clearly。
The South Korean military and police naturally heard it,Many of them couldn’t help but stretch all over,Clenched the gun body。
In fact,Beginning with a large number of military police entering the stadium,They seem to have a tacit understanding,Don’t get close to Lu Menglin at all,I should have received the order long ago,Cold treat someone’s presence,Only target the occult medicine eater present。
But Lu Menglin’s shout,But the military and police can no longer ignore it。
Because he is calling a secret medicine warrior over there,This is obviously in conflict with the mission order received by the military and police。
When Liu Niu’er heard this,,Can’t help but shock,There was an expression of admiration and joy on his face,The old face was a little excited。
He had already planned to admit his fate,The big deal is being caught by these military police for a while,Then see if there is a chance to escape。
He also thought that Boss Lu would rescue,But thinking it should be after I was locked up,He never expected,Lu Menglin would actually be in front of a large number of military police,Force to take myself away。
but,Since Boss Lu has spoken,Of course Liu Niu’er won’t try the prison disaster again,But Pidian Pidian quickly walked to Lu Menglin’s side,Smirk。
“let’s go!”Lu Menglin doesn’t talk much,After speaking, she took Kim So Yeon’s little hand,Walk towards the gymnasium exit。