The new infrastructure encounters the "open source" computing industry to usher in new "sector sports"

5G era, the new infrastructure big trend "cloud", the political and enterprise department accelerates the promotion of digital transformation, the calculation industry ushered in a new round of openout.

Among them, the open source operating system software is both a digital transformation, and a hunting farm for all parties cloud service providers.

Under the time of change, the enterprise-level market accounts for more than 80% of the open source operating system software, and new "sector sports" is being happening.

When the new infrastructure encounters "Open Source" to modern society, large-scale infrastructure is a base of development.

As the ancient cloud "military and horses have not moved, grain", the infrastructure first has a major strategic significance, and the economic development has entrusted.

my country’s traditional infrastructure layout is quite perfect, and the "new infrastructure" strategy led by digital technology is still in the initial stage. As the leading guide for further construction of digital economy, digital "new infrastructure" is constantly improving its own layout, vigorously developing new coupons represented by 5G and new calculations represented by high-end semiconductor industries. At present, the Califeration Industry is accelerating the improvement of architectural innovation and full stack computing framework construction, which will continue to promote the foundation software in the processor hardware. As the interactive bridge between people and machines, the operating system is the most important basic software, and is also the kernel and cornerstone of the computer system.

Without a perfect operating system, even the advanced servers and PCs are not displayed. "Hardware openness, software open source, enable partners" is the creed of the Ru Peng Ecology. September 2019, the Openuler operating system was officially opened in December of the same year, so that OSV partners can download the operating system from the OpenUler community to install mirror or source code, quickly understand and master the implementation of the OpenEuler operating system, thus depth Innovative development. Open Source Tiandi "and" Currently, open source operating system software has become mainstream of the cloud service provider.

As a typical Linux already available in Centos, Coreos, Debian, Oraclelinux, RedHatenterpriseLinux, SUSELINUXENTERPRISE, OPENSUSE, and Ubuntu, etc.

Even the most powerful Microsoft (WindowsServer system) in the operating system is also in recent years, users use the Linux system in their own Azure cloud services more than half.

Amazon, Google and other cloud service providers are based on Linux-based different versions, have developed an operating system that tends to their own cloud services and functions. The OpenUler that plays an important role in the Rumina Ecology is also a core-based open source operating system based on Linux, and has a depth customization based on the Songpeng processor and Huawei cloud service.

It is worth noting that Openeuler has no direct relationship with the current application of the CentOS version, but is derived from the most upstream Linuxkernel. And Openeuler has optimized software full stacks, including applications, runtime, accelerator libraries, virtualization, containers and operating system underlayers. This also means that Openeuler is more smooth and more smoothly released under the ARM architecture supported by Pope.

At the Openeuler Summit held in April this year, the guest Jiang Dayong introduced the basic situation of Openeuler. As of April, Openeuler’s ISO mirror download has 9,000, contributing the code number, the total contribution code is 5324 times, the contributor applies for 30 + Subject group, and preparatory group promoted key community organizations to start actions, including community secretariat, technical committee and security committee. Openuler open source, making it an efficient, stable, safe open source operating system constructed by global open source contributors, suitable for application scenarios such as database, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence. At the same time, Openeuler has also been favored by many operating system software developers and research institutes. Up to now, there have been many well-known basic software developers and research institutes such as Kirin Software, Zhixin Software, Hunan Qilin, Puhua Foundation Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences and research institutes, and launch OpeneulerLTS (LongterMsupport) versions. Distribution operating system and complete compatibility adaptation with Hope hardware.

This triggered the linkage effect of industrial and downstream.

A batch of hardware producers and research institutions also expressed the investment resources based on Openeuler-based computing industry terminal products. For example, Tsinghua Tongfang has invested more than 200 senior experts, participated in the whole machine research and development of multi-core integrated computing, and the 9 major production bases in the country also provides capacity support for diversity calculation ecology. At the same time owns Beijing, Shenzhen R & D Center supports ecological adaptation related Work, is now supported by the business distribution.

The enthusiastic response received by Open Source of the Open Source of the OpenEuler also reflects the success of the entire Tongpeng compute industry ecological strategy. The Ru Peng computing industry has its grand layout of its "one cloud two wing double engine". With the support of the powerful technical force such as Huawei, Zhu Peng processor, the booming of the Calber’s computing industry also needs many developers support. The cloud needs as many excellent software and service products to support extensive application scenarios. Of the huge ecosystems from the fields of office, e-commerce, industrial, medical, etc. Among these links, "Open Source" is an important means of attracting developers. Huawei not only has opened sources for server operating system OpenEuler, helping third-party operating system manufacturers to develop their own open source operating systems; also partially open source for GAUSDB database kernels (the world’s first artificial intelligent native database).

Based on this, each operating system manufacturer can be based on Huawei’s open source code, do your own commercial version.

This is also the reason why there are many OSV (operating systems in virtual environments).

In addition, under the Zengpeng system, Huawei also provides a smooth cloud migration experience.

At the time of digital transformation, a large number of traditional ICT content needs to break the reconstruction, migrate to the cloud to increase efficiency, complete the upgrade. During this process, Huawei cloud supports the smooth migration of X86 architecture to Huawei cloud ARM architecture service system.

After the user is migrated, it is still in the operating environment that has been adapted. It has greatly reduced the threshold of cloud migration and saves the worries. For example, during the epidemic, some companies that use Huawei Welink intelligent office platform can enjoy the benefits of remote intelligent office, and are compatible with existing OA systems, avoiding employees to re-learning, eliminating the conflict psychology.

The launch of many OSV products will allow more companies to find "familiar feelings" in the Pipe computing industry system, further increase the competitiveness of Zhipeng.

In fact, in the case of a new round of climax in the global digital economy, OSV support also brought the service provider’s service into many segment.

At present, OSV participating in the Pipe is all operating system developers who have built trees in the professional field of energy, government, transportation, and finance.

Under their demonstration effect, more political and enterprises users will come here.鲲 鲲 ‘s "Dadi Ambition" is not reflected in the full "ambition" in the field of operating system. It is reported that the Openeuler community will start training, empowerment, certification and other capacity improvement activities. The event includes the non-limited professional technical certification, and the technology salon for software manufacturers (ISV) developers training, facing college students and initial Scholars launched the technical courses and experimental guidance related to the operating system. In Openeuler Summer event, the Openeuler community is encouraged to converge this system to the Raspberry Paving and RK3399, which have influential hardware on their respective professional fields.

By this, it becomes the helper and development weapon of many developers. OpenULER also launched Isula Cloud original lightweight container solutions for large VMs. As a lightweight container base, it can provide the most flexible, most stable, safest underlying support for a variety of scenes, "light, fast, easy, spirit" and other features, and meet the ICT field, edge, cloud scene A variety of needs.

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Today, the cloud is already a torrent of the times and the general trend.

All the heroes of all the roads are proud, and they ask the Dingyun market to westward in the general "earth ambition". Many OSVs are favored, rich in product support, smooth migration experience, and ambition of more than 5 million developers in two years, Fang Peng, which promotes the China ICT field to show new patterns. (Editor: Zhao Zhuqing, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see.