Daqing: Do a good job in the "Six Needs to visit" to promote economic growth

It is necessary to promote the development of industrial economy. Recently, the reporter learned from the Jewelry City Investment Investment and Project Construction Association, the meeting issued the "Daqing City Industrial Enterprise" Six "Implementation Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "plan"), requiring the city to pay close attention to six enterprises, active Carry out "Six Needles" and effectively improve the quality of industrial economic operation. The Municipal Party Committee’s nine sessions, "To strengthen the ‘starting to sprint, start the battle, the battle is the new starting point, the anchor is 9%, the economy of 8%" is 8%’ ‘economic growth goal, full Pullhead in the ’14th Fiveth’ starts. "

It is understood that according to the executive meeting of the provincial government on August 20, the municipal government decided that on the basis of the "three hundred acts" grid boost services implemented in the beginning of the year, the six-class enterprise was combed, listed as the whole city. The key enterprises, classification guidance, symptomatic service, efforts of the leading cadre visits service, efforts to "expand the amount, digging increment, quality", and go all out to achieve the GDP "8 guarantees 8" goals, and strive to make more economic growth in the province contribute.

"Program" is clear, this "six must visit" involves six 140 enterprises, divided into operational strategies, difficulties, increasing capital, and registers Nattay, prepares listing and entrepreneurial incubation enterprises.

Among them, the operational strategy is adjusted, and 4 households have the intention of the intensive strategies in the leading enterprises in Daqing City; the business difficulties have been discontinued from the 7 months of Daqing City, the output value decreased, loss, and retired and risk-oriented enterprises selected. 41 households; the capital incident enterprise, selected 5 households with the intention of capital incident in Daqing City; registered Natan Enterprises, from the 80-house planned, the 80-house number of the company, China; 50 households; preparation Enterprise, select 7 households intention to go to the list this year; entrepreneurial incubation enterprises, 754 households in 7 provincial hatching bases and 6 city hatching bases in small micro enterprises in small micro enterprises in small micro-enterprises 33 households.

140 households are divided into: Zhongli 3 households, 25 high-tech zones, 13 households, 17 Saaru District, 7 households in Longfeng District, 10 households in Hu Road, 10 households, Datong District 9 households, 16 households in Zhangzhou County, 12 households in Zhaoyuan County, 8 households in Linadian County, 8 households in Durbert County.

According to the "Solution", "Six Needle Interview" to take the graded package protection, the municipal leadership package insurance 7 key enterprises, 133 key enterprises, city, county district (high-tech zone, Economic King District) Ministry of Industry and Information Technology The whole process tracking service, strengthening the work scheduling, and effectively solve the practical difficulties in which the company has. "Program" proposes four "six must-visit" specific requirements: – Focus on attention. Focusing on the annual goal, in the principle of "there is something to go to the door, no things", highly concerned "strong pulling power, low output value, has a retreat risk, production operation difficulties, and discontinuation, semi-discontinuation and discharge enterprises", We pulse the diagnosis, accurate Member, and seek practical effect.

– Active dispatch. The main leaders of the municipal government and the leadership of the industry, the on-site service, personally dispatched, actively carry out the "three-to-one" to send the service, send the elements, and strong confidence, "enterprise operation, package insurance, element Protection, policy implementation "personally dispatched. –Solve the problem.

Implement a "Personality Problem and One Enterprise Policy, Common Problem Concentration". Establish a collaborative meeting mechanism, clarify the list of accounts and responsibilities, regular summary work "The real problem, for the company to solve the problem, do practical things. –result-oriented. Does the "strategy adjustment enterprise have no breakthroughs, there is no improvement in business difficulties, there is no advantageous amount of increasing capital and expansion enterprises, there is no progress in listing companies, entrepreneurial incubation enterprises have effective, registration of Natan companies have incorporated" The measurement of the effectiveness of the "Sixth Returns", and "Weekly" before the end of the year.

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