“Comrade Sergey,Please go back to Comrade Qiao Tianyu’s question head-on!”

Ivanov sees hope to overthrow those policies,Also started to work step by step,Questioning Jordaan,And other economists at the scene also whispered to each other。
Seeing the sudden change in wind direction on the court,Chubais knew not to speak again,The scene is about to lose control,So he threw a heavyweight in time**。
“Let me say a few words。I don’t know where this comrade Qiao Tianyu came from,But I want to ask,Comrade Qiao Tianyu,Are you questioning Professor Friedman?”
“Comrade Sergey is a good disciple of Professor Friedman,Comrade Sergey asked Professor Friedman for the policies just now.,Could it be wrong??”
See Chubais throwing Professor Friedman out again,All the economists on the scene immediately closed their mouths。
This time in Russia,Professor Friedman is equivalent to the sage of Kong in the feudal society,Who questioned Professor Friedman,Who’s the treacherous。
“what,Correct!Do you dare to question Professor Friedman?”
Jordaan seems to have caught the straw,Raised the hypocritical head again。
I didn’t expect Chubais to control the scene with a single sentence,I have to say that ginger is still spicy!
At this time everyone dare not say more,Ivanov was even more anxious,He cast a look at Qiao Tianyu for help,Looking forward to Qiao Tianyu’s ability to turn the tide。
Seeing the look Ivanov expected,Qiao Tianyu nodded confidently,Then turned to look at Jordaan。
“Comrade Sergey,I’ll give you one last chance,You feel your conscience and say,You confirm that these policies have been consulted by Professor Friedman?”
“That’s for sure!I still talked to my teacher on the phone last night!He agrees very much with these policies!”Geordaan said proudly。
“Nonsense!”Qiao Tianyu sees that Qiao Daan won’t hit the south wall and won’t look back,Take out a page directly from the briefcase。