Li Hongyuan holding a wine glass,Send many questions in a row,Then he smiled helplessly,Self-contained drinking。

Han Zhili around him is not willing to clink glasses with herself anyway,It’s not boring at all!
“This is beautiful and beautiful,But lookkuxiai.Much,I’m afraid it’s hard to show love,I don’t know if my brother is interested in living in Beijing for a few years?”
Not talking for a long time,Li Hongyuan cheeky and pasted Han Zhili’s side。
Looking at Han Zhili inquiring,Quietly waiting for his answer after considering。
As a contemporary university scholar,Being in a corner was something hermits would do only in ancient times,Into life,In order to better pass on the culture。
When a hundred schools of thought contend,No one loses,But there are still a few sects that have yielded results?
Can’t be new,Even if you won’t lose to your opponent,Will lose to this era!
In a boundary like the capital,It may not help you become the number one,But you will never derail with this era。
“You are here to be a lobbyist?”
Han Zhili looks at Li Hongyuan,The drunkenness in his eyes is a little sober。
“I just can’t bear to see your knowledge buried,In the capital,How many people look forward to your master!”
Li Hongyuan said with a little excitement。
Han Zhili gave Li Hongyuan a deep look,Slowly suppressed the drunkenness,Said:“Forget it,A place like the capital or the magic capital,Drunk,Feasting,Too much temptation,Not conducive to learning!”