Little MacDonald is certainly not stupid,He looked at Chen Geng who was extremely calm,Suddenly understood:This guy must know something。

Figured this out,Little MacDonald was relieved immediately,But for insurance,He still asked Chen Geng carefully:“Really okay。”
“Rest assured,”Chen Geng nodded:“Really okay。”
The next development of the matter is as Chen Geng said,There was really nothing in the next meeting,Not only that,China Eastern Airlines also verbally stated,They purchase4frameMD-11On the basis of,Consider adding two moreMD-11Orders。
Little Macdonald was so happy:If China Eastern Airlines Group adds two moreMD-11Orders,that’s great,I just don’t know if they will put forward some conditions。
But until the two left,China Eastern Airlines did not make any requests,This makes little Macdonald a little confused,Get in the car,Little MacDonald asked Chen Geng impatiently:“Dude,What is going on with them?”
Inexplicably two more orders……Although only verbal……Of course little Macdonald is happy,But this kind of situation,It makes people feel guilty。
“Don’t worry about it,You understand that this is related to me。”Chen Geng told little MacDonald,Chen Geng said。
“understood,”Little MacDonald is not a fool,When Chen Geng said so,He took a deep look at Chen Geng,Nodded:“Dude,If this makes you embarrassed,Please tell me,I won’t make you embarrassed。”
Chen Geng smiled:“Are you willing to give up this order for me?”
“Of course I can’t bear,”Little MacDonald’s face hurts,Unhappy way:“But you are my friend,The most important thing is that you helped me so much,I can’t sorry friend。”
“Just have you,”Chen Geng is fairly satisfied with Little MacDonald’s answer:“It seems that I didn’t stagger friends。”
Little MacDonald smiled,Since Chen Geng is not willing to say,He stopped asking,Turn the topic,Little MacDonald asked Chen Geng:“What’s the matter with your cooperation with Texas Instruments?”