“I really haven’t eaten,A little hungry。”After all, Yang Yong often travels to and from Xia Shuyue,Everyone is familiar with each other,There is no more formality and politeness,Sit down。

Wang Sulian heard Yang Yong’s voice in the kitchen,Immediately brought out a bowl of noodles,“Yang Yong,eat more。”
Cousin Wang Zhaodi follows Wang Sulian,Watching Yang Yong ask in a low voice,“aunt,who is he?”
“Your colleague Shuyue,Your name is Brother Yang,Be smart when you go,Do something for your sister。”Wang Sulian turned around and told Wang Zhaodi。
“Ok,You told me,I know。”Wang Zhaodi nodded。
Yang Yong finished the noodles quickly,See Wang Sulian is already holding Xia Yunze,Just ask,“Aunt,Are you going too?”
“Correct,Xia Shuyue is still very weak,Still can’t hold the baby。”Wang Sulian nodded。
“Let me hug for a while。”Yang Yong took the child,He is a father,Of course have experience,Holding Xia Yunze,The child squinted comfortably。
Xia Shuyue got dressed and came out,Watch Yang Yong hold Xia Yunze and gently pat,Smiled happily,“Let’s go。”
Yang Yong holding his baby and walking in front,Wang Sulian and Wang Zhaodi supported Xia Shuyue downstairs, one left and the other right,A group of people slowly walked out of the community。
“Yang Yong,You drive slower。”Xia Shuyue sitting in the co-pilot,The wounds of caesarean section at home are usually not so painful,But if you go out,The car is passing over a bumpy place or speed bump,It feels so sour,She held her belly with her hands and told Yang Yong from time to time。
Yang Yong laughed,“Already slow enough,Can’t be slower,How many yards do you see for yourself。”
Xia Shuyue can’t help it,I had to hold my belly with both hands,“You came so early today,Your daughter has been sent to kindergarten?”
“Today she is with her mother。”
Drove for half an hour,At the entrance of the advertising company building。
“You don’t have to send me upstairs,Has elevator,Very convenient,Please take care of the store。”Yang Yong sent them to the elevator,Left。
“Your shop,Not here,Why are we here?”Wang Sulian looked around,Obviously not the photo studio I went to last time。
“Don’t ask,You just follow。”Explain the unclear things for a while,Xia Shuyue is too lazy to say。