“My name is Ouyang Duo.!And you?”Beauty now seems to have been interested,

“My name is Qi Yu!Nice to meet you!Let’s take a while??”Rugari pointing at a corner of the sofa asked,
“OK!I have to see how you can say it.!”
Qi Rui called the waiter Zhao Ji to send a bottle of wine,The rest of the eyes see the fake jamu has been on the floor.,After he sat down,Zhao Jianzhi put the wine on the table whisper:“Nine brother!Going to the building!There is no suspicious person in this hall!”
Qi Rui picked up the bottle to give beauty poured on Zhao Ji said:“Did the food store investigated??”
Zhao Ji is rushing to the beauty nugui to turn around,Ouyang Tou is a wine glass:“Investigate!Indeed!Six brothers are holding time to investigate all people in the food store。”
“Is there a problem with the restaurant we eat??”
“There is no problem in the hotel,After investigation,This food store is acquired by the owner half a year ago.,It is Qiao Yu to enter the power of the powerhouse.!He is still in Wuhan at the time.!Six brothers speculate that the new food store that is not bad in this business is not bad.,Because when you come here, go to the food store to buy something is also normal.。”
“It seems that the spy is early to think of fake Qiao Yu will come to Nanjing.!Are they confident still have exact news??”
Chapter 27 Start net!
Ouyang Duo is also very intelligent.,She explains:“Because of the headquarters of the power, in Nanjing,There is no strange thing to get a contact point here.!”
That is worried, it is worried.:“I am worried that if the spy, if the news gets in advance, I will trouble.!”
“You suspect that our efforts have a spy!?”
“No, it is of course best!I hope I am more concerned.!”If you don’t care carefully when you take a shower, Qiaoyu discovered his neck behind his neck.,Coordinate can’t determine this is a counterfeit,This is how embossed a mutual replacement plan for Japanese intelligence departments.。
Rui Rui is graduated from the Japanese Central Army School.,The Japanese have completely reached the extent of the madness of the ambition of our country.,They make anything we will not feel strange.,What is a Joe?。
“Six brothers also let me tell you,Has been verified,In the early years, Qiao Yu’s brother’s neck is indeed a scorpion.!His mother remembers very clear,Because when I distinguished this brother, I saw the scorpion.。”Ouyang Tuo supplement,
“Mean!Is there anything else??”
“Six brothers also let me tell you,You will follow Joe in these two days.,Because there is no accident, these two days of six brothers will collect the nets in the food store.!”
“Six brothers let me see the reaction after Joe knows the food store.?”Qi Rui,
“Correct!Six brothers want to see if Qiao Wei has emergency contacts!Because after catching the food store,The boss will give you and Joe a secret capture mission.,If he still has a contact, you should find a way to pass the news.!Then look at you.!What is the meaning of the six brothers to arrest, you will be a master?!”
“it is good!I see!”Qi Rui said that listened to the Ou Yangtue:“I am very glad to meet you this big beauty.!I hope we can work hard in the future.!”
“I really hope to work with you.,You are the most mysterious people in the special agent!Although your information is all ruined,In the case, we also say that Rui Rui donates the country in the implementation task.!But some people know that you are still alive.,Just don’t know what mission you are doing.!”
“I know that people should be the people who feel trustworthy.!So I have this good feeling for you.!”Ouyang Du is my comrade!And the level may be higher than yourself,This must be more close to close。
“Nine brother!I didn’t expect you to have a girl.?”Ouyang lotus,
“Who let you come to so much cold forced me so much?,But you can make you happy, I am very honored.!”Rui Rui continues to poverty,
“I really will say it.!”Ou Yang Du once again licking his mouth,Dark road:The legendary little nine is an interesting person。
“correct!Have you been working on a society??”Qi Rui,
“Yup!I have been in the efforts of a company for more than a year.!”
“Do you know the Tiecheng??”Quruity is more than just Chi Tiecheng,There is also more talented Su Wenqian than him.,There is a better word after the jellyfish assassination group.。
“knowledge!He and a young man named Su Wenmu were sent to German school to learn last year.!I heard that they are two metamorphosis!”
“Zhouhai tide?”
“Now followed by Chen Guan in Beiping。”
Be talking about,Joe again went downstairs,This time, I came directly from the ritual.,Ask:“Qi Yu!You have not resting.?”
“Joago!Come to sit!I will introduce you to a big beauty.!”Rui Rui stood up and greet,
Ou Yangtou stands up from my introduction:“Hello!My name is Ouyang Duo.!”
“Hello!I am Qiao Yu!Miss Ouyang is really beautiful.!”
“Joago!I slept in a afternoon, I couldn’t sleep.,I am afraid that you are resting.!”Qi Rui explained,